8 Months Till Comic-Con 2013…

It’s the end of the Con season and it was definitely a great year for conventions. The San Diego Comic-Con can’t come soon enough and waiting 8 more months seems like an eternity. However, successful planning for SDCC starts now- so here are a few things to be thinking about as you prepare for Comic-Con 2013.

  • Badges: The first round of 2013 badges went on sale already for previous 2012 badge holders. If you are brand new to SDCC, there will be a sale for you in the future. It will go fast and within minutes so if you are going to make an attempt, make sure to get a…
  • Member ID: Sign up for a Member ID on the CCI website. Once you do that, make sure you ‘opt in’ to notifications. You should receive a notice a day or two before the badges go on sale (that could vary). You should set aside a few hours for the morning when badges go on sale. The very limited stock will no doubt go quick but processing could take a while. So save a ‘sick day’ for the morning of badge sales.
  • PRESS: For new and returning PRESS, you need to apply by December 10th. There is no special access but it does provide you with a 4-day pass with Preview Night. More info here.
  • Hotel: Don’t freak out if you have discovered that most SD hotels are already booked up. SDCC reserves a majority hotels all around SD for their hotel reservation system which will go on sale probably in the Spring. Similar to badges, this will go quick and will require a couple of hours in the morning. Check out my previous post about choosing the right hotel for you. It doesn’t hurt to have a backup hotel reserved- just make sure they have a ‘free canellation’ policy so you don’t get stuck with two reservations. If you know you are going ultra cheap- check out the Gaslamp hostels in the area.
  • Airfare: It’s getting harder and harder to find cheap airfare these days but you will increase your chances if you book sooner than later.
  • Cosplay: (Costume-Play) To cosplay or not to cosplay, this is the question. A solid costume can take months to research, create, and assemble. For novices to this world, there are some great sites and forums that can help get you started like Cosplay.com and CosplayTutorial.com . You can also follow a ton of great cosplayers on Twitter to like @VampyBitMe and @MnikaLee
  • Finances: The amount of money you will need (food and memorabilia) to save depends on how you like to roll while you at SDCC. Some live large like it’s the last vaca of their lives, while others go ultra frugal. A little planning now will go a long way later. For instance, if you set a $400 goal, you just need to set aside $12.5 a week till July! If you sacrifice going out to eat once a week, you can be stress free once we hit summer.
  • Nerd Swag: Since Christmas is around the corner, it’s not a bad idea to ask Santa for a few geeky shirts to add to your SDCC wardrobe. Also, having a couple of pairs of good shoes is critical for the survival of your feet. Starting shopping now.
  • Other Cons: If you can’t wait till July, here is a list of some other great Cons in 2013.

Hope these tips helped- and please leave a comment about anything you are doing to prepare for the big trip in July.

9 thoughts on “8 Months Till Comic-Con 2013…

  1. With the holidays coming up, I’d recommend asking for gift cards for various travel related items. I always ask for Southwest gift cards. Even if it’s just for $50, that $50 you don’t have to spend!

  2. All first timers if you can do it, try to work some extra hours and put that money away until the con. It’s easy to go through your money quickly. Food in the con can be a little pricey. Broken yolk cafe is a great place to take a break from the con and they have some good food too. Try to adventure outside of the con. The entire gas lamp district takes part in the con and you will find a lot of cool stuff outside. Once the schedule comes out start your plan of attack. Oh and start stocking up now on hand sanitizer , breath mints, and deodorant. If you don’t shower on a daily basis start now please so when the con comes you’ll be a pro at showering. Nothing worse than smelly people at the con. Best advice I can give you is to follow tony on twitter!

    • Excellent word. Venturing outside of the Con was probably the best change I did over the past few years. Thanks for the advice and for the follow promo 🙂

  3. Bottom line get up off your butt and start planning now. Follow comic con on twitter so you will know when registration starts. Get you ID now so you won’t miss out. For the first timers and people who couldn’t get pass last year, check out wondercon in Anaheim. It’s put on by CCI. Has the same feel as the big show, but not as many vendor, panels, or exclusives. And one last secret that I’ll only let Tony’s follower know is follow ace parking on twitter. When they announce the sale date for parking passes jump on it! It’s nice to know you already have a parking spot reserved when you’re on your way to the con. You spend probably 80 percent of your time in line waiting for things, why wait in line for parking and having the head ache of driving around trying to find an open lot. And arrive early. Yes the doors open early, but get there at least a couple hours early. If your able to pick up your passes the day before do it. The line for pass pick up is usually out the door to the hall h line. And again follow Tony on twitter.

  4. Get in shape! It’s a grueling nerd marathon and you’ll need to be able to make it through some long days. And find a good pair of comfortable shoes.

    • Agreed- I started running/walking for 15 mins a day month before and it made a huge difference. I felt much better after the week. Thanks for commenting!

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