Level Up: How to use the Force

I’m launching a new blog series called ‘Level Up‘. The aim of this series is to inspire my fellow nerds to create and take risks. So this first one is called: How to use the Force. Enjoy!

The Force (pre-Midichlorians) was perhaps the most magical ingredient of the beloved original Star Wars series. As a kid, I was enamored by the idea of being able to control things with just my mind. After seeing Empire Strikes Back (the best one of coarse), I was leaping around the house with my makeshift lightsaber and a outstretched arm trying to ‘will’ objects into the air. Inevitably, I was always disillusioned by the fact that I couldn’t Force choke my big brother right before my ritualistic daily beating. Regardless of my lack of Force power, I never gave up my infatuation with the idea of having sovereign control of objects- and I discovered that I didn’t have too.

I want to argue that the Force is actually a real thing used by many Jedis of today’s world. Artists, creators, and leaders use the ‘Force’ everyday when creating their art. Whenever, you impose yourself on a project, the sheer act of creation can be considered the ‘Force’. Author Hugh Macleod calls this imposing of the will ‘sovereignty’. See, whenever you react to a great comic book, novel, art, web series, movie, song, etc, what you are really responding to is the sovereignty more than just the work. The fact that someone ‘willed’ something into existence from the void of nothingness is what sovereignty (or the Force) is all about. Think about someone you personally know that wrote a book. Regardless of the quality or relevance of the book, the fact that she willed it into existence gives her instance credibility and respect. In your mind, she is a Jedi. This ‘Force’ like ability is what changes things in your life. Rarely, is there one magical book, song, or art, that is going to propel you from the depth of obscurity to your desired place in life. Rather, it’s the regular rhythm of you exercising your sovereignty (or Force) that will change what you do, where you work, who you work with, and most importantly, WHO YOU ARE. Stop comparing your self to another Jedi’s work and start focusing on the activities you have sovereignty over. It may be a knitting craft you sell on Etsy. It may be the ability to throw a creative party. It may be your passion for blogging. Whatever it is, if you do it enough and regularly, you will gain the attention of a tribe that will appreciate you- leveling you up to Jedi status. As Master Yoda says; Do or do not, there is no try.

While we might not be able to force choke or leap out of carbonite chambers, the Force does give us the ability to change everything about yourself and make an impact in this world. If you are feeling stuck in life, I promise you that a few earnest months of creating will get you unstuck in life real fast.

Don’t squander this innate power you have been given- and remember, may the Force by with you. Please comment and let me know how the Force has changed your life.

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