Long Beach Comics and Horror Con

This past weekend I attended the 4th Annual Long Beach Comics and Horror Con. I’ve always had high hopes for this show since Long Beach is relatively central to LA/OC and I want to see a show in my own backyard succeed. The convention center is also in a nice area along the bay with a wide variety restaurants and shopping. From previous shows, I’ve had some great experiences like the screening and Q & A for Trick or Treat and felt LBCBC could be a major player in the modern era of Con Wars. However, I was a little let down from this year’s show. Partially since it fell AFTER Halloween, I felt the spirit of the ‘Horror Con’ was a little deflated. A couple of years back I went on Halloween and there was a great spooky atmosphere in the air that was absent from this show. As a result, I feel like LBCBC is in a little bit of an identity crisis. Since it’s opening, The Comikaze Expo and Comic-Con International’s little brother, WonderCon, have both moved into town- which is no doubt creeping into LBCHC market. This show has yet to really innovate much beyond what you would expect from a young comics expo. While the showroom floor and grown slightly each year, it seems the level of guests has dropped a bit. Fortunately, the cosplayers add a lot of flavor and enthusiasm- without them, where would any of these shows be? I still think LBCHC has a ton of potential as long as it can carve out a unique niche for itself. Perhaps, they should take a play from Comikaze’s playbook and offer tickets in the $12-15 range instead of the $20-25 price of admission.

Either way, I am glad to see the show return and hope that it continues to improve and grow.

6 thoughts on “Long Beach Comics and Horror Con

  1. Tony- I think you bring up some good points in your column, especially in the area of identity Crisis. With a competitive atmosphere for conventions, consumers, and dollars, seems like each event has to be a deliberate attempt at connecting to its audience. I eagerly await the response of LBCC to the overall market.

    Feel free to check out the columns I have written about the show at http://www.comicCONMEN.com

  2. I had a two corner booth and was part of a panel at LBCC as well. I enjoy reading your write ups on the shows!
    I have to say that this show has some definite flaws.
    The staff needs to create a better atmosphere for the show. For a show this large, it has no personality. This year it was especially evident with the grow show going on next door. It’s an odd feeling to be overshadowed by a guy carrying bags of fertilizer.

    I hope they can get it together and improve next year, but I was hoping that same thing before this years show and was disappointed. It seemed their big PR push this year was just getting more people to show up in costume.

    I also think they need to improve how they treat exhibitors. I felt very disrespected by several members of the staff and I have NEVER felt that way at a con before. Normally, I would say that it was something I was doing wrong, but I was not the only exhibitor who felt that way. I also know some other exhibitors who skipped this show to do other smaller shows that same weekend for the same reason.
    I hope 2013 improves!

    • Sorry to hear that as an exhibitor it wasn’t the best experience. It does need an injection of personality and spirit in order to set it apart from the other cons. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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