My 5k Zombie Run Experience

This past Saturday, I ran in the ‘Run For Your Lives” 5k Zombie Run as a part of a birthday bash for a friend. It was an amazing experience! I went into the event intentionally avoiding the Youtube videos that previous participants uploaded to maximize my surprise during the run. It was CRAZY. Here are some pics with my thoughts sprinkled throughout. The following photos are a mix of my own and pics I got from Twitter:

The event overall was very well run. especially since they are pumping out 500 runners every 30 minutes. Signage was clear and the registration process took just minutes. Even bag check and pick up was super fast. There was live music throughout the day and various food and merchandise vendors.

Each runner is given 3 ‘flag football’ type flags to protect during the duration of the race. Everyone finishes but only the survivors times are counted for speed on the website. It was great to see some cosplay going on as runners dressed as businessmen, cheerleaders, doctors, etc. We started the race in one of three chutes labeled either “Appetizer, Entree, or Dessert”- to set the tone of the race. With a fanfare of applause and smoke, the race began and we were launched onto the battlefield.

The first part of the race was an upward trek up a hill. It was a good 20 minute hike to the top- a pretty good tactic to tire us out before the real race began.

Along the way, zombies were sprinkled through out, most of them were holding zones but occasionally they would start chasing you.

Once we passed the hill, the obstacle portion of the race began. The 5k contained 12 obstacles that varied in mud pits, wall climbs, barbwire, buildings, slides, AND electrical shock. I kid you not. The buildings were especially chaotic since they were dark and cramped. Once building was pitch black inside with zombies and electrical lines hanging down. A zombie startled me right into one of the lines sending a jolt through my body!

Some runners tried to stay dry but it was a futile cause. From mud pools, power hoses, and water slides, you were drenched and covered in mud by the end of the race- which made it harder to dodge the zombies. If the zombie apocalypse occurs, head to dry land!

The WORST part of the run was when the zombies would chase you at full speed. If the course wasn’t hard enough, sprinting for 30+ yards at a time really took it out of you. By the mid way point, I was spent after a zombie had chased me in circles. I quickly realized that if this was a real zombie apocalypse, I would have ended up as dessert.

Here is me trying to say ‘hi’ to my buddies GoPro camera while crawling through a obstacle being shot at with a water geyser. It was crazy and tore up my knees.

As we came to the final stretch, one of the final obstacles was a huge slide that went into a nasty cesspool of muddy water. This is a pic of my group with me standing at the top cheering on my teammates.

The zombies may have ‘messed with Texas’, but in the end, I survived and was uninfected. I swam through a lake at the end so this final pic is less muddy than how I actually looked- but you get the idea.

This was my first 5k and it was be one I will never forget. I had such a blast and would highly recommend it and would encourage you to do it at least once in your life. There are a few different companies that put on zombie runs with hosting runs all over the county.

The best part of this run was experiencing it with my friends. I don’t think running it alone would have been nearly as rewarding- so if you do it, convince a few of your buddies to join you.

Special thanks to all the zombies out there that stayed in character and made this day awesome. I will return next year and maybe join your horde of the infected dead.

2 thoughts on “My 5k Zombie Run Experience

  1. Rule No 1: Cardio 😛 That looks like the best day out ever! A couple of years ago I threw a Zombie Apocalypse themed Halloween party: Zombies Vs Survivors and my friends all loved that – so will definately be showing them all this post! Thanks for sharing your experience!


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