Prepping Your Tech for Comic-Con

Even though I am Asian and love Star Trek nerd, I am not super tech geek. While I love all my devices, I am by no means an expert. With that said, I do know enough to say that failing to plan is planning to fail. Some of you who attend Comic-Con really can careless about being ‘tech-ready’ for the week. However, some of you plan on eventually turning into a BORG someday and want to be fully prepared with your tech. For you amateurs or Con noobies, here are a few pointers to make sure you are ready for the week of Comic-Con.

Power Up
The 3 most important elements in life; water, air, and power! If you are like me, you will constantly be on your phone texting friends, tweeting photos, updating Facebook, etc. Because of the overly congested Con network, your phone will most likely spool for above average amounts of time. Your battery will end up dying three times faster than normal. So invest in either a portable battery (Best Buy has the Mophie Juice pack for $40 pictured above) or a battery case that extends the life of your phone battery. If you have multiple tech like a laptop, iPod, iPad, etc, then you might want to invest in a larger portable battery. The point is, don’t rely on charging up around the convention center.

Label Up
You would not believe how many phones and cameras are lost each year at the Con. One of my good friends lost his phone and it about ruined his trip. While you can’t make someone return your lost tech, you can at least increase the chances by properly labeling it. The best thing to do is take of picture of this; “I lost my phone, please call my friend at *******” and then make that your lock screen. You hopefully can do the same with your camera. Offering a reward would probably help too. Or you can claim that you’re Joss Whedon, then someone will contact you very quickly :). Regardless, make it as easy as possible for your fellow nerd to return your stuff. Don’t be a statistic. (Side note; please make the effort to return stuff that you find)

This should go without saying but password protect your phones, iPad, laptop, etc. Password protect your open wifi too. I know it’s a pain when your not used to it but you don’t want some random Imperial Stormtroopers going through your data if you lose one of your precious droids. Lock it up.

Head in the iCloud
If you use a cloud service like Apple’s iCloud, you should enable ‘Find My Phone’ in the settings, then you can locate your iPhone or iPad from the iCloud website. From the site, you can use it to send a message to the lock screen (like “Please call my hotel”) or wipe the memory completely. A very nice service when you are heading into a Con.

This is another inconvenience but it is very much worth it. Download EVERYTHING each night. Make sure to leave your previous day’s pics and videos back at the hotel. That way if you lose your camera, it won’t be a complete loss. Again, iCloud helps to share your pics and vids taken with your Apple products.

Camera Settings
If you are a amateur  photographer like most, then make sure your camera or phone settings are set for the Con environment. For your ‘point and shoot’ set it to ‘action’ mode to avoid the blurry shots. Force flash is good as well. If space becomes and issue, slightly lower the resolution of your pics. 1024 x 768 should be fine to capture the memories. For your phone, I would turn your flash off unless it’s absolutely necessary. Camera phone flashes don’t tend to work well on the move. Believe me, when Stan Lee ends up briskly walking by, you don’t want to be caught off guard and end up with a blurry pic like this!

Some say to avoid the busiest networks like 4G in order to gain better service. The theory is that by downgrading (in your settings) to 3G or the Edge you will be able to push your data through since there is less traffic. I have found that everything is as backed up as bad as rush hour in LA. Try it but no guarantees.

If you are feeling anti-social while waiting in line in Hall H or Ballroom 20, then it’s good to have some podcasts on hand to listen to. The has recently put up some great 1 hour shows called the SDConCast  talking about the programming schedule and what not to miss at this year’s Con. Check it out or download their Special Edition episode. Great stuff while waiting in line.

That’s all I have for now but I am sure you have plenty of other tips. Hit that little comment button below and share your best ‘tech tip’. Thanks and see you at the Con!

2 thoughts on “Prepping Your Tech for Comic-Con

  1. Thanks amigo! Your tips are fantastic. I have been attending Con for ten years and I thought I knew a lot but you sure opened my eyes. Thanks to your awesome blog and tips I will have an awesome time at Con this year thanks to you.

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