Comic-Con Twitter Tips

In preparation of recording a podcast, I asked Twitter to provide tips for noobs for Comic-Con. There is no one smarter and has more experience that the collective Con community. Here is some great advise from seasoned veterans of the show (great peeps to follow too). Thanks all for your feedback!

“Get in line early and be prepared to wait a good 2 hrs at the very least for a decent seat for large panels.”

“Be smart about lines. If it’s all the way out to seaport village, don’t even bother and just have fun roaming the Con!”

“Embrace the fact that you won’t see every panel you want to see, you’ll have a better time if you don’t dwell on that fact”

“have good game plan if you’re planning on buying in Artists Alley: rubberbands & a poster tube, or 2 flat cardboards pieces”

“Wear comfortable shoes, carry only what you need, use a hands-free bag, water & snacks are important and bring your patience”

“Stay above the stink line” @JediBananas

“If you have a 4 day pass hit up WB Booth on Weds, best chance to get their bag o stuff”

“pack deodorant, mints and breath spray. EVERYONE Needs this”

“Getting in line for exclusives must be first in morn or not at all.” @The_Con_Fluence

“PRIORITIZE! Know what is “must see” for you, and then let everything else fall into place. Be flexible.”

” bring a folder, or something to keep paper protected and straight, in case you buy a piece of artwork and have to carry it”

“Save taking pics of displays until closing of the Con. There’ll be less crowds & it leaves more time for other things”

“the bathrooms in Hall H have plugs to charge your phone!”

“When you ask ?’s at panel, don’t waste time w/ “I ❤ you/your work” comments. Just ask your freaking ? so others get chance”

“Pack extra socks! Double up thin pairs for an awesome walking experience.”

“Sneakers all the way! Ladies, try not to wear heels on the floor. I did it last year, feet went numb after an hour.”

“plan, plan, plan, plan” @ShotOfAwesome

“One other suggestion would be watch @ComicConMovie – great way to see an overview of all the things happening around you”

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