Cosplay…We Were Born This Way!

If you are new to the San Diego Comic-Con, the biggest thing that separates it from other large scale conventions is the presence of cosplayers (costume-play). From it’s humble beginnings post Star Wars in the late 70’s, it has evolved into a time honored right of passage for many. Cosplayers have evoked a wide range of reactions from the general ‘non-nerd’ community ranging from admiration or respect to bewilderment and disgust. Cosplayers are ordinary people like you and me. Chances are, they might be the doctor, teacher, secretary, plumber, mechanic, or artist that you already know. These mild-mannered, nerds next door are filled with a passion for a specific genre and have a desire to express themselves in this creative way. These amateur thespians might not be Broadway bound but they are inspiring and entertaining many people with their craft and characterizations. By dressing up, cosplayers are not only bringing fandom to life but continuing a legacy that has spanned several decades. In many ways they capture the essence of what Comic-Con celebrates…being a hero. Special thanks to iluvthe90s for creating a perfect video to represent the proud passion cosplayers.

If you were born this way, please post of comment about what cosplay has meant to you.

3 thoughts on “Cosplay…We Were Born This Way!

  1. Awesome article! Cosplay to me means expression through art and creativity. I make the costume and then act the character at SDCC and everyone loves it! I meet so many people who appreciate what I do. Cosplay’s also helps me bond with people I wouldn’t normally talk to and through that I create life long friends!

  2. This video made me smile so much!! I love that everyone was into it (for the most part :P) You guys should make another one!. I’m on the same boat at Kat, I cosplay because it lets me make things, but also meet new people and discuss stuff in common. Yeah I’m not a fan of some of the series, but seeing how they re-create their costumes and the passion that they into always bring a smile to my face. It just fun in the end!

    • Great! Yea, cosplayers are a special community at Comic-Con. I can’t imagine it without them. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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