E3 2012



My second year to return to E3 and it did not disappoint. Here is the entrance of the LA Convention Center.



All of the gaming companies were here in full force displaying their latest and craziest games. The crowds were in an epic frenzy to test the ‘beta’ versions of the games to come.



One of the most impressive displays was for Aliens: Colonial Marines. Here the Hive Queen reminds us all why she is the baddest mother around.



Participants could climb inside a ‘cargo mover’ with an Alien attempting to rip you apart. It was all kinds of awesome.



I was most excited for the new Star Trek game. Unfortunately, there was not a playable demo but instead, you were taken into a theater to watch a 3-D demo in action. this highly cooperative adventure looks to take the genre to the next level. Plus, it suppose to bridge the gap between the two movies.



Disney rarely disappoints with massive lines to get some vintage Mickey ears swag.



I was hoping to take this bad boy home but I knew it wouldn’t fit in my garage. Awesome display for Trion.



Target’s recharging station not only feeds your phones but feeds you snacks by providing attendees Target brand water and goodies for free 🙂



Nintendo may be about games but at E3 they don’t play around. Their highly interactive displays had possibly the biggest footprint on the convention floor.



Halo 4’s Warthog on display for pics.



Like big brother, Microsoft is always watching.

The 2012 E3 was impressive as ever. The next generation of video games are in good hands.

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