The Comic-Con Twitter Avengers Assemble!

The San Diego Comic-Con is now only a few weeks away. This cataclysmic event will impact multiple universes and change the lives of all Nerd-kind. If you have never been to Comic-Con, it can be more overwhelming than personally experierencing Crisis on Infinite Earths. So to help you navigate the threat of chaos and confusion, I introduce to you the Comic-Con Twitter Avengers! The Earth’s Mightiest Con Twitterers are committed to bring you the latest news, tips, tricks for SDCC 2012. Here are their accounts and bios:

Who: @The_Con_Fluence
What: Participant in all things awesome in the world of comics, sci-fi, collecting and CON culture. Follow my adventures at, &
Where: Earth -13

Who: @SDCCNerdsAttack
What: The Twitter account for When Nerds Attack! San Diego Comic Con & Comic Convention Blog! Tips, Tricks, Info & More!

Who: @ComicConGeek
What: Anything & Everything about Comic-Con.

Who: @ComicConBlog
What: Latest San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) News! Covers ALL Comic Cons San Diego, Chicago, New York and more. SDCC.CO

Who: @SD_Comic_Con
What: Your one place for everything San Diego Comic Con. Not affiliated, not filtered, and not biased.

Who: @SDCCSurvival
What: The book and website dedicated to giving you what you need to have the best San Diego Comic-Con experience possible.

And then there is me @Crazy4ComicCon 🙂

Like any marvelous team, new members will be added so check back often. See you at SDCC- excelsior!

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