The New DC Logo

The new 52 is not the only thing DC Comics is launching, but a new brand identity logo. For those of you who are sadly unfamiliar with the old logo, here it is compared with the new…

No longer is it the swooshing shooting star around the bold DC. Instead, it’s a more subtle ‘page peeling’ D to reveal the C. Here are a few creative applications of the logo:

What do you think? Step up or step down?

5 thoughts on “The New DC Logo

  1. Not a fan of the new logo, I confess. How many times have they changed their logo? I wouldn’t think this is the first. I’m trying to remember what it looks like on my comics from the 50s and 60s. I think it was the DC with sweeping star…

  2. I think it’s…interesting. Can’t say I hate it, but I’ve grown so familiar with the old logo that this one does look kind of bleak and plain. However, I like the range of logo colours for each character. That’s very creative.

  3. I like the new logo mostly because it has a dynamic range of application in connection to their characters secret identity coming across in the reveal of the C. The logo actually quite clearly portrays what most of their comics are mostly about…

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