12 Days of Nerd Christmas

After years of singing the traditional 12 Days of Christmas song, I realized, it was time for an updated nerd version. Besides, I do not want, nor even know what a ‘Colly Bird’ is anyways. This is my gift to all the friends and followers of Crazy4ComicCon. Thanks for all the visits, comments, and support during 2011. Happy holidays and I’m looking forward to a new geeky year with you!

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true nerd brought to me…

Twelve Star Trek Sequels

Eleven Doctors Dazzling

Ten Sith lords leaping

Nine replicants running

Eight Window systems

Seven zombies crawling

Six Jedi Jumping

Five Power Rings

Four Angry Birds

Three bloggers blogging

Two Ninja Turtles

And a Kryptonian born to set the world free.

4 thoughts on “12 Days of Nerd Christmas

  1. I finally read the post (I know, I know…a little late) and that was awesome!!! My fav has got to “a Kryptonian”! Thanks!

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