WonderCon Registration Opens!

The WonderCon 2012 registration is now open! This will be the first year that it is hosted in Anaheim so it will be interesting to see how the OC/LA/SD comic book community responds to this opportunity. I went to WonderCon for the first time last year when it was held in it’s traditional location of San Fran. It had to move just for this year because of the renovation schedule at the Moscone Center. I loved it! It’s the only convention that I have visited that felt like Comic Con without all the crazy crowds and chaos. It was still packed with fans but it was manageable. If you are a fan of SDCC or always wanted to try a con for the first time, try WonderCon. In this new location, no one knows how busy it will be so get your tickets early to be safe. See you in Anaheim! Read my full review from last year’s WonderCon.

Purchase passes at the WonderCon website

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