Our comic book universe at a glance…

Up, up, and away!
In the last five weeks, since the first of these 52 renumbered or new series were introduced, the sales of DC comics have increased by leaps and bounds. The gambit was risky: if it failed, it could alienate longtime readers and send an already declining industry into a tailspin. Read more at the NY Times.

Gender battles and anime
Revered japanese animator, Hayao Miyazaki (Ponyo), made some controversial tweets about putting the future of anime in the hands of women. Read more at The Beat.

The Death of Optimus Prime
IDW Publishing and Hasbro held a press conference call Wednesday to present the future of “Transformers” comics — a future that, it would appear, does not include the famed leader of the Autobots. Read more at Comic Book Resources.

A spectacular new comic book app is now available from iTunes for your iPhone or iPad. Champion! is a monthly interactive magazine focusing on comic books, toys, movies and pop culture. Champion! focuses on the latest pop culture news, and utilizes the latest technology to blend the aesthetics of a magazine with the immediacy and interactivity of the internet. It’s very fun! Click here to check out Champion! Magazine app.

We lost our version of Tony Stark…
Steve Jobs was the closest thing we had to Tony Stark. It’s true- just as the comic book character Stark radically shaped the look and technology of the Marvel Universe, the work of Apple co-founder Jobs has made a lasting impact on almost every impact on our lives. Read more at MTV Geek.

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