Hungry and Foolish

“Being the richest man in in the cemetery doesn’t matter. Going to bed at night saying we’ve done something wonderful- that’s what matters to me.” –Steve Jobs (1993)

This is an unusual post for Crazy4ComicCon- however it has been an unusual week. This week we lost one of the greatest leaders, innovators, and nerds of all time, Steve Jobs. The MTV Geek website stated that we lost our version of Tony Stark- we certainly did. The inventions Jobs created not only impacted the technology world but has helped usher in the current renaissance of digital comics with the success of the iPad. There is almost no area that will not feel the loss of Steve in some form or another. He brought creativity and humanity to anything he touched and ultimately, he changed the way we think forever. This best way I could think of honoring his passing was posting one of my favorite speeches I ever heard from the 2005 Stanford commencement. This is a deeply thoughtful speech about failure, love, and loss. Enjoy and RIP Steve.

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