Fright Night Fan Freebie

One of my favorite horror movies in the 80’s was the original Fright Night. In order to celebrate the remake that is being released this Friday, I am giving away an limited edition Fright Night 3-D glasses with case made by EX3D Eyewear. Don’t settle for the generic lame 3-D glasses offered by the theater. instead, roll in with this snazzy shades to impress fellow fans. All you need to do is leave a comment about why you are the biggest Fright Night/Horror/Vampire fan. This Friday (19th at noon), I will select a fan and send the glasses for FREE! If you live in the OC, I will meet you to pass on the glasses in person! Thanks and good luck!

11 thoughts on “Fright Night Fan Freebie

  1. I am more of a general Horror fan. My ultra favorites are Asian horror, because they are more psychological than anything and I think fear is more scary when your mind if the victim. I’ve been watching them since I first saw the American version of The Ring. I saw in sixth grade and even though it scared me half to death, I was in love. I watched the original Japanese version and from then on I was hooked. I went from Ju-On, to Uzumaki, to Strange Circus. My love for Asian horror then brought me to horror movies around the world. I fell in love with Guillermo Del Toro’s work instantly. They aren’t exactly “horror,” but they bring out fear and terror that haunts you when you are least expecting it. The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth? I couldn’t eat with imagining that thing coming after me. And don’t even get me started on The Orphanage, I couldn’t play hide-and-seek with my nieces and nephews for a month.

    I’m not into gore or bloody movies that much, like Saw, because they disgust me more than scare me. I don’t mind blood or people getting ripped into shreds, but it has to be something like Alien or Jaws, otherwise it’s a little nauseating for me. I like my plot with a side of blood. But like I said, I love psychological terrors. Which is why I read Stephen King in the morning. Normally, I would have to drag someone to come see a horror movie with me, because yes, I am still scared, but now I’ve learned that true terror comes with vulnerability. I like being alone when I watch these movies because I actually feel I am there, and the scream that rips from my throat is genuine instead of expected. Horror movies give me a high cosplaying doesn’t, and I love cosplaying. I get this rush of euphoria and excitement like I need to do something so that I can survive. Sometimes, I’ll even shout at the TV because the characters are just so gullible. I have a collection of Junji Ito’s manga on my shelf, right next to my marvel comic books, because this man is a legend. I highly recommend him if you are searching for a thrill.

    Also, just to throw this in – if you want watch a movie for a date, go see a horror movie. You will cuddle, hold hands, hug, and end up sitting on someone’s lap. I took my boyfriend to go see The Serpent and The Rainbow at my college’s fright night and when it was over, he asked me, “Why?” I simply said, “Why not?” He kept sneaking into my room every night for two weeks straight, sleeping on the floor, and holding my hand and asking me if I was awake (the way he was crushing my fingers, I was definitely awake) because it terrified him that much. But we’ve been together for over 2 years, so I don’t he’s mad. Horror Movies, bringing couples closer since 1922.

    My favorite horror movie is Pulse, which is a cult classic and it also got it’s own remake. It deals with technology and how we lose ourselves to the world beyond reality. As far as vampire movies, Lost Boys hands down. Bram Stocker’s Dracula next. If I had to eaten by a vampire, it would either be by David or Gary Old Man’s Dracula, because not only are they extremely good looking – they’re terrifying. I feel like they’re both sociopathic, obsessive men who delight in the joys of death; which is exactly what a vampire should be like. Thirst was also a beautifully crafted vampire movie, it’s a Korean Vampire-Horror and it’s just freaky in the best kind of way. Please don’t get me started on Twilight.

    Horror movies aren’t a just movies, they’re a way of reminding us that though monsters may not be under our beds anymore – they’re alive and well, invading our movie theaters.

    • Congratulations on winning the Fright Night Fan Freebie! I hope you enjoy the glasses and the movie! Thanks for sharing your passion and participating.

  2. All I know about the Fright Night franchise was that the guy from Herman’s Head (and now Justified) was in the sequel. But I’m a huge fan of vampire films (the ones without the teen angst)! I’ve never seen a 3D vampire film, so can’t wait for Fright Night.

  3. I’ve loved the horror genre since I was a little kid staying up to watch the creature feature of the week (back when there were only 4-5 channels and you only saw cartoons on Saturday mornings). I’ve loved vampires since my first viewing of ‘Nosferatu’, and I still adore the old Universal Studios monsters. One of my favorite t-shirts is an “Edward & Bela” one in which Lugosi is holding a certain sparkly guy’s severed head.
    I’m looking forward to this movie so much! Since David Tennant is in it, I’m hoping I can finally convince my 17 year old, a Doctor Who fan, to dip her toe into vampy waters.

  4. I am a big fan of Fright Night because I got to see the movie with Anton Ylechin, Christopher Mintz Plasse, and Dave Franco in the theater and I waited 8 hours outside the theater waiting for the movie. The original was the first horror movie I had ever see!

  5. I am the biggest fan of fright night because it changed my life.

    After I saw the movie, I went out an found a vampire, tied him up and forced him to turn me into a vampire, then proceeded to move next door to a young man with a devilishly beautiful young corruptible girlfriend.

    I made eyes at his girlfriend and she came to me, he followed right after her to try to slay me and get his girlfriend back.

    When he arrived at my house, instead of killing me, we played risk until dawn and we lived happily ever after.

    I loved everything about fright night except the ending, so in my life I made a new ending, we became gamer friends for ever since I also turned both of them into vampires.

    Also, as a trio of vampires, we boycotted and show up to protest the ridiculousness that is twilight every time a new one comes out.

  6. Im a huge vampire fan, except for those sparkly ones, I was at comic con and got tickets to see the preview only to get another message a short time later saying I got selected by error. Totally changed my plans that night and ended up very disappointed.

  7. I love vampire movies. I have seen just about all of them, including ones that I am a bit ashamed to admit to having seen (ie Twilight movies). I have seen the original Fright Night about 100 million times. I am rolling quarters and dimes just to make sure I see the new Fright Night tomorrow.
    Horror movies have become my favorite genre of movies to be made. I even greatly enjoy the bad movies that most people don’t like. Those most often are my favorite.

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