Waiting in line at Comic-Con is different from anywhere else

2nd year Comic Con fan, Brenda Dempsey, shares about the beauty of standing in line at Comic Con. Thanks Brenda!
Comic-con is a wonderful experience and part of that experience is waiting in line. It may seem like waiting in line would be a bad part, but it actually is pretty awesome. People are prepared for the wait and it’s expected, so you show up hours before you want to see something and just embrace the wait. And while you wait, you get to thinking about how different this kind of waiting is from any other kind and I decided to analyze the why’s and how’s of this phenomenon.

1) Most of the people in line are really nice. If you are waiting in line for the DMV or even a movie premier, there is always bound to be some jerk or person who you just wish would go away, but I’ve enjoyed every line buddy I’ve made. Everyone seems pretty excited and patient and they like all the same stuff you do, so there’s no need to explain what a TARDIS is or why you have on a ridiculous orange and yellow hat.

2) People bring books with them. I’m not just talking kindles or nooks, I’m talking full on novels. Like books that are over 500 pages and with small print. And not just a few people bring books, I’d say close to 40% do. And it’s a beautiful thing when you don’t feel a social stigma for pulling out a novel that’s called Plague with pictures of superhero kids on the cover and reading it in public – a beautiful thing.

3) People are friendly, but they also don’t mind being socially awkward. In the middle of a conversation, if someone gets a text (a major form of comic-con communication) that person doesn’t excuse themselves from the conversation or ignore it, he/she just whips out his/her phone and starts to respond. They might even do this while still talking to you or just start ignoring you. It’s totally acceptable protocol at SDCC.

4) Unlike Disneyland, the people wearing costumes are not paid to be there.

5) Strangers shout out at other strangers about what you are wearing and their opinion of it. This is especially true if you are wearing a costume or a shirt that is a subtle homage to a favorite tv show or movie. I wore a shirt last year that had the orange orange logo from Chuck – I got a lot of shout outs about that one.

6) Cutting in line is acceptable and expected. You may be one person alone in line one minute and then ten minutes later you are joined by five of your friends. No one huffs at you saving seats or spots in line because they have done it too. It’s the only way to travel.

7) A three hour wait doesn’t seem that long. You bring food and games and entertainment and make friends and have a seat and prepare for the journey. It goes by pretty fast and it’s amazing how fun the wait can be.

Comic-con is a people watching mecca. I suggest, if you love to people watch, try to get yourself a ticket for at least one day so you can sit in line and experience it for yourself. It really is its own little world.

You can read more from Brenda on her blog.

One thought on “Waiting in line at Comic-Con is different from anywhere else

  1. The waiting only causes one thing. Your feet start to hurt from all the standing and you never know which door, the stupid staff will guide you toward.

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