What I will be doing during Comic Con

Welcome to the San Diego Comic Con 2011! Preview Night was amazing and this year will no doubt be one of the best years ever. I’ve got some exciting news for myself- Comic Con will be a much different experience for me than ever before. A few month ago, I got a contract job working for Comic Con till the end of the convention. So I have been working at the HQ along side their awesome staff. I’ve learned a ton and it’s been a dream come true to see it all come together from the inside. For the Con, I will be working in the Talent Relations Team helping to organize, communicate with, and guide celebs to their various locations. This is truly a unique experience and I am totally blessed to have a chance to work closely with the CCI staff and volunteers. Unfortunately, this means I am going under the radar for the next few days. I’ll be tweeting when I can, but no blogs or posts until after SDCC is over. Regardless of my crazy schedule, I am really hoping to meet some of you around the convention center or after hours. Thanks all for faithfully following Crazy4ComicCon and I will see you on the other side!

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