The History of Comic-Con

Whether you are a ‘Con virgin’ or seasoned veteran, Comic-Con has something for everyone. But to enjoy where SDCC is going, you have to know where it has been. This video is a must for anyone attending SDCC for the first time to help bring appreciation for it’s long prolific history. It’s pretty amazing to think of how SDCC has endured for over 4 decades and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “The History of Comic-Con

  1. I’m SO EXCITED for San Diego Comic Con this year!! This video gives me goosebumps… I can’t believe Comic-Con is almost here. Thanks for this!!

    I heard there’s going to be a booth for VAMPLETS (baby vampyres!!) at Comic-Con this year too. I’m addicted to Vamplets and anything vampyre. I also heard the Vamplet booth is going to be giving away free limited-edition trading cards to anyone who pops by, AND $1 off a bottle of blood!! Gotta have something to feed your little baby vampyre with, am I right?? SO adorable…

    Who else is excited for Comic-Con this year??! I just can’t, can’t, can’t wait!! =) =) =)

  2. I wish they did the video before 2007 because I think that was the year it really started to shift to the Hollywood themes of recent years and became so large. I remember going every year in the mid 90’s till 2002 and it was so much different then what it has become, I actually preferred what it was like back then because it was purely comics, anime, and the graphic arts and minimal if any Hollywood stuff. I mean I like that there used to be much more actual ma and pops vendors just trying to talk and sell comics with the big companies being comic related like marvel,etc and none of this fox, CBS, and etc. After going to this years comic con I have to say while I enjoyed it I am a bit sad at just how commercial it has become because in all honesty what the heck does shows like NCIS and Glee have to do with comics.

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