The Ultimate Checklist

Welcome to July! Comic Con is only 20 days away and it’s time for some serious preparations! Whether you are coming for one day or all four, planning is the key to a successful SDCC. Those of you that are coming from a galaxy far, far away, here is the ultimate checklist to ensure a phenominal trip. Hope this is helpful and good luck packing! Click on the image for larger version for print.

8 thoughts on “The Ultimate Checklist

  1. One thing I would absolutely add to the list, sharpies. You are going to be at Comic-Con, 100s of celebrities will be there, and you never know when you might just bump into your favorite. I would suggest a box of sharpies, as sometimes they don’t come back to you.

    One required option if you are there as a comic book fan, get a sketchbook that you can hand to artists who are willing to do quick sketches. This makes it easy for you to carry them and bring them home safely.

  2. I liked the cosplay list.

    I would suggest leaving the hairdryer at home as every hotel has one nowadays. That’s extra weight and space in the suitcase.

    For autograph collectors I would suggest bringing a dozen or more 8 1/2 x 11 plastic top loaders. You can get then cheaper online (you still have time) than what they cost at a booth. Getting 8×10 is fine but every now and then the photo is larger and the 8 ½ x11 solves that problem. WB cast signings are usually bigger than 8×10. Having extra helps you make friends too.


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