Superman and the DC reboot

A few weeks ago, DC shocked the world by announcing the first ‘reboot/restart’ of their entire line (52 titles) back to issue number 1. Not since the famous and ground breaking Crisis on Infinite Earths (1985) has DC made such a bold move. While I am not a fan of gimmick series, I am very interested in seeing how this will unfold in a convoluted universe. As a young teen, I was fortunate to start my love affair with comics with the original Crisis. I was awestruck by how compelling and daring the 12 part series was it served to set me on a path of comic nerdom forever. From that point, I started collecting all four Superman titles along with many others. CoIE was considered one of the most successful and influential series in comic book history. The question is, can they do it again? It’s reassuring that Jim Lee is one of the chief architects  by spearheading the Justice League (pic above) which is set to release at the beginning of September. However, I am NOT excited about Grant Morrison’s involvement with the Superman series. While I have enjoyed a work or two of his (All Star Superman), Morrison has continued to disappoint on a regular basis. In fact, his writings have been some of the worst books I have ever read- anyone remember Final Crisis? The re-imagining of DC will probably do what it is aimed to do and draw me back into the weekly books. I can only hope that this new universe can capture some of the magic from the first Crisis and start my love affair all over again. Are you excited about this? Do you think it will be a successful reboot?
Below are the newly released art from Grant Morrison’s Superman along with art for the new Supergirl and Superboy:

5 thoughts on “Superman and the DC reboot

  1. Hearing you talk about a reboot makes me hate that I have had to give up comic books for the last two to three years and really wish I could jump back in if this reboot takes off successfully…also been reading some of your older posts and got to say I love them since it helps me stay in contact with the nerd side of me.

    • Glad I can help you stay in touch with your nerdy side! I think the reboot will also spark me to pick up some new titles. Let me know if you find any you end up liking. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  2. I sure hope this reboot actually enhances the DCU and isn’t just another “Death of Superman” type stunt!
    I have a lot of titles, like JLA, that I’m really digging right now but they’re about to get wiped out by a wall of anti-matter.

  3. My family was really into the DC comics at the time of death of Superman. We were also reading all four Supermans. But somewhere along the way, we just sort of jumped off the bandwagon. I will be curious to see how the new upheaval changes the DC universe. (Confession: I keep up these days by reading wikipedia articles, pretty terrible, huh?)

    • Ha ha, the important thing is that you are keeping up- so that is good. That’s so awesome that you have a geeky family- lucky! Thanks.

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