E3 Exceeded My Imagination

Normally, a convention like E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) would be outside of what I normally cover for Crazy4ComicCon. However, I have wanted to go for years and finally had a chance. Since I am already crazy for convention experiences, I knew this would serve to inspire me in many ways. While I love video games, I am not an habitual gamer like many in attendance.  This year’s E3 theme was ‘Exceeding imagination’ and that it certainly did. E3 is a ‘professionals only’ video game expo which means all of the displays are designed to impress. There are no rinky dink ‘mom and pop’ booths at this convention. Everyone brings their A game trying to overshadow their competition. It’s estimated that 50k will be in attendance over the course of 3 days. If you are allowed to attend, it costs $500 for the 3 day pass (so you SDCC fans stop complaining!). There are no panels but pretty much every booth is interactive with SWAG-o-plenty. (More of my thoughts after all the pics):

These guys were dying to get in!

There were multiple foyers filled with promos and advertisements.

We finally get to the showroom floor.

For context, there were two showroom floors, each about the size of the SDCC one. Immense.

The lights, sound, and videos were crazy intense. It was like being at a nerd nightclub.

Bizarre plant life spewing toxins into the air.

The inside of the Activision booth also had screens for a 360 degree experience when inside.

Nintendo generated the most buzz announcing their new Wii-U. An iPad/game controller type device.

All kinds of innovative gaming products were being demonstrated like this dome gaming screen.

The were all kinds of lounges like this Disney cafe that gave out free gourmet coffee.

Ahhh, now I was feeling more at home 🙂

My favorite display was for the Warhammer 40K Space Marine game with real soldiers standing in front of a huge drop pod. I was in awe.

Even though I am not a crazy gamer, going to E3 was an incredible experience. It’s hard to compare E3 to Comic Con since they are two totally different types of events. This is obviously targeting professionals and not your basic fanboy so the amount of $ that goes into this event must be astronomical. Most don’t know that SDCC is a non-profit organization with a different set of values then events like E3. The E3 approach is one of ‘shock and awe’ with little to no personal interactions with the creative forces behind these products. E3 is seriously professional but not personal.

With that said, the level of excellence did ‘exceed my imagination’ and really did give me a vision for how a showroom could be presented. I was super inspired and look forward to returning next year. It also was good training in preparation for SDCC next month!

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