Geek of the Week: Marlene

I proudly present our latest Geek of the Week, Marlene– aka: @NYUMarySue. Not only is she total nerd girl evident by her love for comics, but she also just finished appearing in a 4 episode story arc on MTV’s My Life As Liz. I hope you enjoy this New York geeky girl!

How old were you when bit by the radioactive spider (when did you become a  nerd)?

I’ve been watching cartoons and playing super-hero since I can remember (Saturday mornings were the best!), but I didn’t get into comic books until just before college. So I guess I didn’t get my full-fledged nerd card until later on in my life.

Growing up, were you more misfit or mainstream? Describe.

I definitely wasn’t the “typical” girl. I tended to hang out with the boys in my grade school, just because they liked more of the same things I did. In high school, I wore guys’ t-shirts (because they always had the best designs) and defended my friends when they were picked on for liking Pokemon. It wasn’t a terrible experience though – I learned a lot about myself and where I fit in now! I’ve evolved from awkward tomboy teen to self-confident nerd adult, and I didn’t even have to use a Moonstone.

Clearly there has been a shift in our culture, where nerds and geeks are more accepted.What/who do you think significantly contributed to that?

The Internet is definitely the biggest driving force behind that, in my opinion. When I was growing up, I never thought to look online for a sense of community or support. These days, anyone that wants to learn more about Star Wars or World of Warcraft can hop on the Interwebz, get their fill, and print out their nerd card in just a few steps! I think that’s great.

TV is another factor. I didn’t realize it until last year, when I appeared in the last four episodes of MTV’s My Life as Liz show, but TV role models can do a lot to change people’s impressions of the geek world!

If you were sentenced to prison on the Klingon moon of Rura Pente and could only take on book, DVD, and video game with you, what would they be?

Holy cow, that’s hard! For the book, I’d take Justice League: International Volume 1, because I’d need something fairly silly to keep my spirits up. For the DVD, I’d probably take Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Volume 1, because that show is amazing and super entertaining. For the video game, I’d take Halo: Reach to let out my frustrations by shooting aliens (and hopefully I get wifi in there so I can reach out to other humans and plan my escape).

Superman’s villain, Mr Mxylzptlk has decided to grant you love from your secret celebrity or fictional character nerd crush. Who do you ask for???

So many choices… But realistically, I would be totally okay dating Peter Parker. I’d be scared for my life nine times out of ten with all the people after him, but come on, he’s so adorable! …Wait, if it’s a villain granting the love, then would Parker be evil?!

The Legion of Superheroes has traveled back in time to tell you that you attained your dream job, what is it?

I’d be a professional psychologist, specializing in helping people with gender identity issues become comfortable with themselves. On the side, I’d offer counseling for super-humans and maybe even write for Marvel (I had an internship there and I sure do miss that place)!

The nerdiest thing I ever did (and no one knows about) was…

When I was younger, I dressed up as L from the anime Death Note for a convention. I am neither pale nor a male, so… I looked a little funny, walking around hunched over in flip flops with a wig, dude jeans, and a lollipop. I try not to think about it.

After finding a Yellow Lantern Ring, you decide to use its powers to kidnap your favorite role model/hero to spend an evening of intellectually stimulating conversation. Who would you nab?

I would totally kidnap Hank McCoy to talk about genetics and physics (which I actually studied for several years). Then I would hug him and scritch his furry chin to see if he purrs like a kitty.

You are an avid blogger and Twitterer, why do it and what has it meant to you? What advice would you give to someone interested in doing the same?

I blog and tweet because they’re easy ways to share my opinion and connect with other people with similar interests. It’s also a lot of fun and I’ve met some great people through my niches on the Internet. For anyone looking to do the same, I’d say to find something you’re honestly passionate about and stick with it. Post frequently with well-written/insightful content, and be consistent in whatever you do. Try to network. Find the platform you’re most comfortable with (I started with Youtube as likecomicstoo and moved to Twitter and text blogging afterward). And be nice!

The final question in which the fate of the multiverse hangs in the balance… San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con? Why, what, and how do you do it?

I love NYCC dearly. I’ve been attending it since it first started as a tiny convention with something like 20 staff members (it’s since exploded far beyond that). Still, even though I’ve never attended SDCC, I’d probably pick it over NYCC. SDCC has a ton of exclusives and so much more to see! To get there, I’d use my afore-mentioned Yellow lantern powers to fly from New York.

Thanks Marlene for sharing your nerdy life with us. Follow this Geek of the Week at:






2 thoughts on “Geek of the Week: Marlene

  1. 1derful piece on Marlene (feels so 4eign calling her by her actual name…1st time 4 everything, I guess 🙂 )Anyhoo Tony, I’ve been a fan of ILCT (hmm, that’s better)since her debut on U-tube & have marvelled (no pun intended)at the fact that she excels at just about everything that she puts her mind 2!

    This was a very good piece about a person that I’ve no doubt is destined 4 gr8ness. Being quite a number of years her senior, regardless…Marlene, aka nyumarysue, aka ILCT is some1 I look up 2, & think others would be well suited 2 do the same!

    C U when I c U

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