Breaking Into Comic Con

I recently started watching this new and quirky show called Breaking In because of an episode centered on Comic Con. Unfortunately, after half a season, it already got canceled. Too bad too. Breaking In has a nice blend of odd characters with nice chemistry between them. I think it had potential- but for TV execs, potential doesn’t pay the bills. *sigh*

But on a lighter note, I am amazed with how much Comic Con is getting referenced in pop culture media. I think I will write a more extended post about all the recent Comic Con emergence over this past year. Until then, you gotta check out this episode of Breaking In where the team has to protect a copy of Goonies II as it makes its way to Hall H. It’s obviously not shot in the San Diego Convention Center, but I do appreciate the effort. One of the funniest moments was when hairy Michael Rosenbaum, aka Lex Luthor, got psyched about a Superman shirt- an obvious homage to Smallville. Click on the link below to watch the half hour show.

Watch the full episode on the Fox website (available for the next couple of weeks only).

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