Comic Con 2011 Toy Exclusives

Comic Con fans attend for many reasons. Besides the news on movies, TV shows, and upcoming comic books, toy collecting is one of the biggest reasons for attendance. There is no other convention in the world that offers so many exclusives as SDCC does. All the big toy and collectible companies show up with some mainstream products as well as some more obscure treasures. Hasbro, Mattel, and Sideshow always comes in full force with stuff we only dream of. They come in limited numbers and many are gone by Preview Night. Some are offered in limited amount each day. Others are sold ‘pre-sale’ online first. One of the craziest items I’ve ever seen is the almost 2 feet tall Stay Puff Marshmallow Man! Here he is and a few other samples of what will be offered this year- more may be released as we get closer to the big week. Start cracking open your piggy banks, donating blood, or emptying out your kids college funds, because you won’t want to miss these SDCC only toys and collectibles!

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