Wonder Woman version 2.0

Is was as if a million voices cried out and were suddenly silenced...”

Well it looks like David E Kelly and NBC heard the cries of online comic book and Wonder Woman fans as they responded in sheer horror to the new costume donned by Adrienna Palicki. The first version was revealed a few weeks back and it was nothing short of the 90’s ‘Joel Schumacher’ style mess (on the right) being bright, bold, and goofy. Not exactly the ‘realistic’ take that Kelly was advertising and fans were demanding.

They went back to the drawing board- well sort of. The new images reveal that there are a few improvements. The most notable are the darker blue pants. Looks like they are a cloth material instead of the shiny vinyl type. Her boots have been returned to their original red sans the stripper heels, that redesign will probably saved her from breaking her neck someday. It also appears that her make up is a little more subtle and not like she is getting ready for a Glamour Shot session.

These are all just minor improvements. She was upgraded from ‘overt dominatrix’ to ‘Comic Con cosplayer’. The shimmering corset is still a problem to me and I think her headband is still all wrong. I hate to be a hater. I REALLY want this to work but from the director, casting, and the costume, this feels like a doomed project from the start. Below is a pic as well as a video of her in action. None of it gives me much hope. NBC, maybe you should just cancel this and save us all the time and heartache.

You can also read my original suggestions on Wonder Woman here.


3 thoughts on “Wonder Woman version 2.0

  1. Traditionalists are still going to not like this but to be honest this version is at least functional. The costume can not be a exact transfer if real people are expected to do the proper stunts. I approve of this version over the last.

    Although that top still doesn’t look that comfortable.

    • Yes, agreed. A little better than before. But the corset looks like she can barely breath. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. I think it’s a huge improvement. I think it could get better but I’ll settle for this. It still bugs me that her bracelets are silver yet everything else is gold. Blah! lol

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