Wonder Bra Woman

Well after David E Kelley announced Adrienne Palicki (Friday Night Lights) as the new NBC Wonder Woman a month ago, they just released the new red, white, and gold costume. It was met with immediate overwhelming disappointment by fans and non-nerds alike. After many start attempts, the highly anticipated TV series already seems doomed before it even begins production. I was not on board with the casting and now I am not on board with the costuming. This looks like a great cosplay choice for Comic Con but a horrible take on what is suppose to be a ‘serious’ attempt at bringing the Amazonian princess to the small screen. I am fine with them adding pants since it would be hard to fight modern day crime in a bathing suit but the overall primary color scheme and proportions seem WAY off. This garish version of Wonder Woman should be fighting

side-by-side a George Clooney Batman- not Christian Bale version. It’s 90’s camp at best, which is far off of what we need for a 21st century Super heroine. Her chest in just not right. It’s obvious that she has more ‘wonder’ than a wonder bra can provide and it just looks weird. WW has always had strong sex appeal but she never had to try as hard as this. This was obviously designed by men, for men- but this man thinks it’s a super fail.I can’t believe I am saying this, but I would rather prefer the latest comic book re-imagining of the costume. Even though it has also gone through a ton of criticism, at least the darker pants and jacket would play on-screen better than Kelley’s new version. Although I think the best solution is going with a Alex Ross version where she is wearing a tunic over her bathing suit from the waste down. I really hope with such a negative outcry from fans on Twitter and blogs that NBC forces Kelley to go back to the drawing board. If he screwed up this much with the costume, imagine what he will do with the characters. We can only hope and pray that the Greek gods will intervene and stop Ally McWonder Woman.

4 thoughts on “Wonder Bra Woman

  1. I hate the shade of blue they picked. It’s awful. It’s just way too bright. I agree that the newer comic book version would look great on screen. Even if they just toned down the pants on this new TV version, it would look 100% better.

  2. “If he screwed up this much with the costume, imagine what he will do with the characters.”

    We already know he screwed up the characters (if you can even call them that), since the pilot script’s been running wild on the Internet for some time now.

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