Comic Con Documentary update:

In a recent interview at, Morgan Spurlock answers a few question about his upcoming nerd project- Comic Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope. Here is the excerpt about the documentary: Speaking of sequels, or of what’s next, last time we spoke you were looking for a composer for your documentary about Comic-Con.
Spurlock: We’re still looking for a great composer, there’s a couple of people on our shortlist, so now it’s just about availability, because you want to have the people who make those big genre movies be the people who score the film. Having Legendary Pictures’ Thomas Tull [Inception, The Dark Knight, The Hangover] on board as a producer-
Spurlock: It helps. And Joss Whedon, and Stan Lee, etc. all on board as producers, do you have to take care to treat them and their character creations like sponsors, too?
I think ultimately I wouldn’t want to put anybody on the spot. Comic-Con is such a specific film, because it really is about the people who go there, and their back stories. The movie wouldn’t happen without Stan, Joss and Thomas, and Harry Knowles. That they came on board and supported this film was huge, and yes, we’re cognizant of making things safe for them because they don’t want to damage their relationships with their fan base… well, not if we ever want to work with Legendary Pictures again.

You can read the full interview at

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