Who is in your CONtourage?


  • {kon-too-razh} Definition: 1. A unique circle of friends that share a passion for Comic Con and all things nerdy.
  • <Synonym> Nerd Herd, Geek Squad

I started a new sister site to Crazy 4 Comic Con at CONtourage.net. Over the years, I have discovered that one of the most amazing parts of Comic Con is not just the showroom floor or panels, but experiencing it with a special group of friends. Your CONtourage friends truly understand how big the Con is to you and share your enthusiasm and passion. It’s more than just the 4 days in the convention center in San Diego (or whichever city you are going to) but it’s the planning, preparing, and overall experience. Comic Con binds friendships together in a very special way- and my goal with the new website is to help capture that. This year, there are 12 in our CONtourage and it is shaping up to best one yet! So please send in your pics and stories to CONtourage@hotmail.com or tweet me a link at @Crazy4ComicCon.

Looking forward to meeting your CONtourage at the Con this year!

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