Geek of the Week: Zoe Gulliksen

Here is a deep existential question; Are nerds made or born? In our quest to answer one of life’s most compelling questions, I am excited to launch of a new series called Geek of the Week. The goal is to post the story, perks, and quirks of some of our favorite online/Twitter nerds. As much as I love comic books, sci fi shows, and Comic Con, they are all second to the facinating life journey of a fan. Our nerd story is like the Force- it’s an energy field that is in us, surrounds us, and binds our galaxy together . So to kick off our series, I am proud to introduce Zoe aka: @BookishBelle:

How old were you when bit by the radioactive spider (when did you become a nerd)?

Ah, twas the weekend before kindergarten. My parents came home with a VHS set of the original Star wars trilogy. They sat me down with a plate of thin mint cookies and told me, “You need to watch these.” The rest, of course, is history.

Growing up, were you more misfit or mainstream? Describe.

Definitely misfit. I grew up going to a very small catholic school, with only about 20 kids in my grade. Very few people knew what Star Wars was in grade school, let alone wanted to play “Jedi” with me. It only grew worse as I got older as I became obsessed with Lord of the Rings when I was 11, around the time that the movies came out. For a book report in the 7th grade I acted out a scene where Gollum talks to himself. That did not go over well with anyone.

In high school it got better, only because I found more geeks like me. My freshman year of High School I created my school’s “Lord of the Rings & Fantasy Club.” Announcements over the loud speakers would say, “Come visit the hobbits in the Shire in room 213  after school.” Everyone knew me as “that girl who does the hobbit thing.” However, that club did so well that another teacher approached me to run the “Star Wars & Science Fiction Club.” I then hosted that group, and the two were very different actually and few people attended both. People joked that from day one I had committed “social suicide.”

Clearly there has been a shift in our culture, where nerds and geeks are more accepted. What/who do you think significantly contributed to that?

I think Star Wars has greatly helped this fact, with all of the recent tv shows and the newer movies. (It doesn’t matter if I like them or not =P). Also, films such as Spider-man, The Dark Knight and the upcoming Green Lantern and such. But mostly I would say that the internet has greatly spread the knowledge and the information about this incredible geek world we live in.

If you were sentenced to prison on the Klingon moon of Rura Pente and could only take on book, DVD, and video game with you, what would they be?

I would bring the His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman, Fanboys, and Kim Possible: Kimmunicator for my Dsi =D

Superman’s villain, Mr Mxylzptlk has decided to grant you love from your secret celebrity or fictional character nerd crush. Who do you ask for???

I hands down ask for Jay Barcuhel’s character of Windows from Fanboys.

The Legion of Superheroes has traveled back in time to inform you that in the future, you have attained your dream job, what is it?

The president and founder of a school for geeks. Much like Professor Xavier’s school for the Gifted Youngsters except for geeky passionate people wanting to create films, comics, music, and everything imaginable.

The nerdiest thing I ever did (and no one knows about) was…

Telling my 1st grade teacher I was being brain washed by Darth Vader in order to get out of taking a spelling test.

After finding a Yellow Lantern Ring, you decide to use its powers to kidnap your favorite role model/hero to spend an evening of intellectually stimulating conversation. Who would you nab?

Philip Pullman

You are an avid blogger and Twitterer, why do it and what has it meant to you? What advice would you give to someone interested in doing the same?

It’s terribly difficult to fully express how much Twitter means to me. I have always been a rather anti-social individual who is very content to stay at home curled up with a book. Because of Twitter I have found my best friends in the whole world, from all over the world. I have gained not only multiple jobs and once in a lifetime opportunities because of the little bird, but I have found the place that I belong. And by doing so I have been able to create a place for others to belong as well and that means more to me than anything else.

My advice to others would be to follow as many people as you can in the beginning, follow those are active on Twitter and follow the people your favorite people communicate with the most. Its rough in the beginning finding your corner of the internet but once you do, it’s very much like home. =)

The final question in which the fate of the multiverse hangs in the balance… San Diego Comic Con or New York Comic Con? Why, what, and how do you do it?

I have sadly never been to San Diego Comic Con because of travel expenses and trying to explain to my parents why I needed to fly clear acrossthe country for such an event. But I love New York Comic Con tremendously. First of all, its my home and this city is filled with the greatest people I’ve come to know. For a weekend my friends from all over the world fly in and can experience my home the way I see it, in all its geeky glory.

Of course comic con is fun for its panels and costumes and events, but the best part was being able to sit down and hang out in person with the most incredible group of geeks who traveled far to feel like they belonged.

Thanks Zoe for sharing your story and help paving the way for other geek boys and girls! You can follow her at @BookishBelle and check out her creative nerd website:

One thought on “Geek of the Week: Zoe Gulliksen

  1. Hey Bookish, tell me there is a video floating around of you acting out Gollum, that is glorious! Then again, when I was in theatre in H.S. we wrote and acted out are own version of The Hobbit, only we made Gandalf senile…

    Good interview!

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