Your favorite SDCC hotel?

If you are a noobie, picking a SDCC hotel for the March 9th registration can be a daunting task, especially if you have never visited San Diego. You also can’t let big, recognizable names fool you into a false sense of quality. So let’s ask the greater Comic Con community for help. If you stayed at one of these hotels in the past and would recommend it, then please let us know. Thanks for voting and make sure to check out my ‘Tips for picking a hotel’ post! 

15 thoughts on “Your favorite SDCC hotel?

  1. I have stayed at both the Manchester Grand Hyatt and the Holiday In On-The-Bay.
    The Hyatt was fine, but it is too close to take the bus and sometimes seems like too far to walk. Also, if you are liberal minded you should know that the owner of the hotel financially supports anti-gay marriage legisation.

    The Holiday Inn on-the-bay isn’t close enough to walk to the convention but is far enough away to be quiet and not have to worry about the convention crowd. They also offer free Wi-Fi and have a decent restaurant on site (Elephant & Castle). It’s a short walk to Little Italy and lots of great restaurants and also a short walk to the Santa Fe station. I think it’s a great hotel for new conventioneers, families (the pool area is clean and nice), and folks not interested in the nightly bustle of the Gaslamp.
    It’s close to some other sights, like the Midway and the Maritime museum too.

    • Everyone in our group absolutely loved the hotel! they do coffee & tea in the mornings in the lobby & wine around 6 every night. I liked their bar a lot, our first night in San Diego we went down to the bar and got to hang around and talk with a fantastic bartender and sip some cocktails and enjoy some just us friends time.

      We ate at the Broken Yolk Cafe a few steps down 6th Ave a few times that weekend. I could eat eggs for breakfast lunch & dinner, so this joint was right up my alley. My group really liked their burgers/sandwiches/the like too. They only do breakfast & lunch (close at 3).

      Ralph’s is about half a mile away, so some nights after the con we would take the shuttle to Ralphs to get some drinks/sandwiches and just do food in our room before going out.

    • It is! My friends & I went to Hillcrest that night & when we came back we had many a drunk celebrity encounter.

      Its my favorite hotel for SDCC (5 years & 5 different hotels I have finally found one I am diehard about booking again).

      • Yvette Nicole Brown was the coolest person to ride for 10 seconds in an elevator with ever. She managed to be both hilarious (she was joke!flirting with my friends boyfriend) & beautiful in the span of seconds. Nick Swardson was drunkedy drunk drunk & I think might have tried feeling up my boyfriend when we returned at the end of the night. Eddie McClintock had to deal with my boyfriend gawking awkwardly at him while he made small talk with us lol. To name a few lol

        & we saw the entire cast of Warehouse 13 just chillin around the lobby one morning, hanging out, talking together (i’m guessing pre-panel)

  2. The Hilton Bayfront was my favorite. I stayed there last year, and it was amazing. The rooms are nice, and there are great places to eat. I didn’t see any, but I heard there are tons of celebrity encounters there. It’s pricey, but definitely worth it if you can afford it, especially a room with a view of the Hall H line, ha!

  3. The Omni, hands down. Love the location. And if you’re into celebrity sighting, this is the place. Last year, we saw Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively, Seth Rogen, and Robert Kirkman.

    Also, the Hard Rock is literally a 45 second walk across the street and a ton of parties happen on the fourth floor there every year. We crashed several of them last year.

    Definitely check out the Omni website to join their hotel rewards program. It was nice to have a complementary Starbucks coffee every morning and the bed turned down every evening, especially when you stumble back “slightly” inebriated. The staff are accommodating and super friendly.

    Hope this helps!

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