1st Annual Comic Con India

I love that the movement of Comic Con is spreading not only through the US but internationally. This past weekend, New Dehli was the host of its own First Annual Comic Con. If you are from the states, chances are you don’t think of ‘comic book nerds’ when thinking of India. Surprisingly, it was became a sold out event and probably the beginning of a the rise of a new class of Indian nerds. It’s pretty amazing to think how the geek arts is starting to transcend culture and bring fans from all kinds of backgrounds together. Regardless of your skin color, we are not so different from each other and I love that events like this is an example of that. More on the event:

The event was organised by the young and vibrant team of Twenty Onwards Media with the vision to have a direct platform for interaction between the comic lovers and people behind these vibrant productions and vice versa. At the same time the platform was sought as an avenue for the aspiring Publishers, Cartoonists, Artists, and Illustrators to understand the industry dynamics. Being the first ever Comic Con India, the Convention received an overwhelming response with the people already looking forward to the next annual comic extravaganza in India to have a fun-filled experience just for the love of Comics. (from Media Mughals)

Now if we can just get a Comic Con in North Korea or the Middle East…someday. I would have loved to have gone but couldn’t make the commute. So here are some pics from the interwebs:

Visit the Comic Con India website

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