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Congrats Comic Con fans, we broke all kinds of records. This was just posted from the TicketLeap website explaining Saturday’s ticket sale:

Dear Comic-Con International Fans,
In 2009, it sold out after 6 months. In 2010, it sold out in 2 months. On Saturday, Comic-Con International 2011 sold out in 7 HOURS (200x faster than last year if you’re keeping track). Needless to say, the demand was unbelievable, reaching a peak of 403,000 page requests per minute (6,700 a sec!) and a total of more than 35 million total page requests throughout the day. But while the event sold out in record time and the system never actually went down, things didn’t go as smoothly as we hoped. We are sorry for the frustration our system issues caused on Saturday and we are working hard to answer all of your inquiries. Here you will find the answers to the most common questions regarding ticket sales for Comic-Con International, and we are working with Amazon Web Services to release a more detailed technical analysis later this week for those who are interested.

When will tickets go on sale again?

At this time, Comic-Con International 2011 is sold out. As refunds are processed, more tickets may become available to purchase at a later date. Please refer to Comic-Con’s website, Facebook page or Twitter page for the latest updates.

I did not receive a TicketLeap confirmation email. How do I get my confirmation email?

TicketLeap will be re-sending all confirmation emails on Monday, February 7, 2011 (even if you received it the first time around). If you do not receive your email confirmation by Tuesday, February 8, 2011, please contact our Support Team at

I did not receive bar coded email confirmations from EPIC Registration. How do I get my bar coded email confirmations?

EPIC Registration will send out bar coded email confirmations (separate from the TicketLeap confirmations referenced above). You will receive one bar coded confirmation from EPIC for each badge/admission type. This is your “ticket” to Comic-Con International. Please add the domain to your safe senders list so your confirmation will not go to your spam folder. If you do not receive a confirmation by Wednesday, February 9, 2011, please contact EPIC by email at Your email should include your TicketLeap confirmation number and the names for which you did not receive a bar coded confirmation.

How do I request a refund for Comic-Con International ticket(s)that I purchased?

All ticket refund requests will be processed directly through Comic-Con International. Please refer to their Registration Page for refund policies and instructions. TicketLeap has no authority or ability to issue refunds or handle refunds requests.

I entered incorrect information when I purchased my Comic-Con ticket(s). How can I correct the information for my badges?

If you submitted incorrect contact information when purchasing your tickets, these changes can be made on the EPIC Registration site after you receive the bar coded confirmation emails from their system.  Any further questions you should have after receiving the bar coded confirmation emails from EPIC should be submitted to EPIC at no earlier than Wednesday, February 9, 2011.

There are multiple charges on my credit card for tickets I didn’t purchase or receive.  How do I correct those charges?

Most likely, what you’re seeing is a pending only charge that will drop on its own in 2-3 business days. If you received an error message while attempting your purchase and had to re-submit your information, your bank or card issuer might have temporarily pulled those funds which we cannot accept due to the error that occurred. Typically, these charges will drop in 2-3 business days but please contact your card issuer to find out when they can release the hold on those pending only charges.

For anyone who has other questions that aren’t answered above, please email


Chris Stanchak

One thought on “From TicketLeap…

  1. Extremely helpful! Never got the bar coded confirmation and Comic-con is coming up real soon. Thanks! 🙂

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