How I can get SDCC passes now?!?!

For the 2008 tickets they didn’t sell out. For the 2009 tix it took 6 months for the 4 day passes to sell out. For 2010, the 4 day passes sold out in 2 months. Today, the 4 day passes sold out in 3 hours- that is amazing. This day has left many disillusioned and ready to cancel plans to go to San Diego this summer. However, if you are not ready to give up, here are some ways that you might get a ticket for what is turning out to be the hottest event for this summer:

  1. Pray: Pray that the gods of Comic Con will have favor and bless you with a miraculous golden ticket. Ok, seriously…
  2. Returned Tix: Believe it or not, some tickets get returned. Many people today bought extra tickets and will end up canceling because of change of plans. A couple of my friends bought extra and are planning to return on Monday. Last year, the extra tickets went on sale in June. While it was another crazy day, I managed to buy a set last year to help out a friend. I know it will be hard to wait but thousands will be re-sold. Also when the Press and Venders get accepted then all those people will be returning their passes too. So hang in there and wait.
  3. Packages: Last year, Comic Con offered last minute combination hotel/pass packages at a premium rate. The hotels are farther out like Sea World but are very nice and offer shuttle service. If you are desperate (and rich) you can go this route. It will probably be offered again in the final month.
  4. Press Pass: If you’ve been blogging about nerd stuff, comics, or movies for longer than a year, you might qualify for a Press Pass. Your credentials will be reviewed but if your website passes, you will be gifted a coveted 4 day pass WITH Preview Night! If you are not sure, it doesn’t hurt to just try. New press registration will start April 12th. You can find out more information here.
  5. Can I Volunteer?: You can also get a day pass if you Volunteer for at least three hours but according to the website, it is already full. The registration for it was a couple of weeks ago. The reason why you probably didn’t hear about it is that all the veteran volunteers are invited back first filling most of the spots. The rest filled up quickly. Not sure if it will reopen.
  6. Booth Volunteer: If you are fortunate enough to know a comics store or toy vendor for Comic Con, you might be able to persuade them to let you help out. Conditions and would be up to each vendor but at least you will get in. If you are desperate, go to every comic book store in town and beg them to help. If you are nice looking and willing to dress like Wonder Woman than that will increase your chances.
  7. Scalpers: I would not encourage this but there will be various sources selling tix at a premium price. Last year I saw day tickets on eBay going for hundreds of dollars and 4 days going for up to a thousand. Note that your name will not match the badge. This is always risky because who knows if they are real and not forged (tix are scanned). Comic Con is not the Pentagon in regards to security but I would still encourage getting in through legitimate means. The most common practice is getting an extra pass from a friend who plans on not going- but you didn’t hear it from.

Sorry if this isn’t the news you wanted but hopefully it will give you some leads. Let me know if you have any questions or if you have any other suggestions I missed. The popularity of Comic Con is now a double-edged sword. It’s great that ‘nerd stock’ is at a all time rise but now eveyrone wants to come join the party. Hopefully you can join the party too. Thanks and hope to see you in San Diego!

8 thoughts on “How I can get SDCC passes now?!?!

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised with all the “refresh”ing, if people accidentally purchased more than once … increasing the number of returns needed.

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  3. There is another way to get into Comic-Con. We could develop a hit comedy series about 4 nerds and a good looking girl who lives across the hall from them. . .umm, wait. . .that kinda sounds familiar. lol!

    Thanks for the blog post. 😉

    • Yea maybe a show about high schoolers that sing and dance. Or maybe a world that is taken over by Zombies. Unfortunately, we only have five months to write it, cast it, shoot it, air it, and market it. No prob. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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