Are you Con-curious? Why buy a ticket this Saturday…

So now that San Diego Comic Con passes are finally going on sale this Saturday at 9 AM (fingers crossed), it’s time to pass on the word. But fans and fanatics should not be the only ones you are targeting, you should also consider inviting the casually interested and the openly skeptical friends, significant other, or family members. If you’ve been to SDCC before, you know that it’s HARD to explain the phenomenon to an outsider. To an unbeliever, it’s easier to sneer and scoff at something they don’t understand. After 5 years, my own wife finally went for the first time last year. She didn’t necessarily fall in love but she has a much better appreciation for the wonder (and need) for the greatest nerd gathering of the year. So for you ‘Con-curious’, skeptic, seeker, and non-believers, here are 10 reasons to buy a ticket this Saturday and join in on the annual pilgrimage to nerd Mecca.

1. Be yourself! No matter how nerdy, geeky, or freaky you are, you will blend into the crowd here. Most of us expend a ton of energy trying to ‘fit in’ at work, school, or at play throughout the year. This is the place to not worry about any of those silly social pressures. In us all there is a ‘inner nerd’ trying to get out. By doing so, you may discover a new you in the process.

2. Find your tribe! If you are remotely nerdy about a particular pop culture thing, there is a tribe out there for you. No matter how small and obscure it is, you will find others that share your slight appreciation or deep enthusiasm. It might be the only place to sit down and connect face-to-face with other like-minded fans. Don’t miss the opportunity.

3. Passion! Regardless if you are into geek culture, passion in any form is inspiring. To be around fanatics that are obsessed with comics, movies, film, writing, cosplay, etc can really stimulate creativity in your own life. Remember, nerds are becoming the shapers of our culture. Nerds change the world because of their zeal and passion- a lot of the love starts right here. 

4. People watching! You will never see a more eclectic group of people than at Comic Con. Whether tall, short, slim, round, black, white, green, red, tights, furry, tentacles, cybernetic, sexy, or bizarre the variety will blow your mind. It is the best place on the planet (and universe) to people watch.

5. San Diego, Gaslamp District! Downtown is a beautiful place to spend the week. While everyone else in the nation is melting away in the heat of summer, SD remains a utopian retreat complete with great restaurants, clubs, and the ocean. Even if you go to the Con for only a day, the city alone is worth the visit.

6. It’s cheap! Tickets for the con are only $37 per day or a little over $100 for a 4 day pass. For what you see and experience, it really is worth it. To go to the movies is already $20+ for a night that only lasts for 2 hours. A day at Comic Con can literally last from morning to evening. Plus if you are in the right place, you can even score some great free SWAG (stuff we all get)! Flights and hotel vary so it’s up to you how much you are willing to spend but once you are here it’s really not that bad.

7. Creativity in abundance! If you are in or interested in a creative field then this is the place to be. With access (or at least proximity) to accomplished artists, actors, directors, and producers, it’s a fantastic opportunity to get exposed to creative work. The showroom floor alone spans three football fields is filled with creative displays, merchandise, and art. You will leave inspired!

8. Southern California hospitality! I have been to a LOT of large-scale events ranging from sporting to conferences to conventions. In my opinion, SDCC has the nicest mass of people you will ever meet. Whether standing in line, checking out nerd stuff, or sitting in a panel, you will find most folks are kind and easy-going. Especially since people have travelled the world to be there and the sense of appreciation creates a great spirit throughout the con. Of course, where there are people there are problems but I have found them to be the exception and not the norm.

9. A Family affair! If you have kids that are pre-teens and up, this is a great way to connect with them on their terms. Taking the opportunity to step into his or her world will do your relationship wonders. SDCC appeals across generations and this is a fantastic excuse to bond with your nerd offspring. I know that SDCC has a reputation for its scantily clad super heroines but I don’t think it has gotten so far to ruin the family element. One suggestion, because of the size and capacity of SDCC, it’s not easy on young kids and babies. Just warning ya.

10. Community! Finally, Comic Con is the perfect place to build community with your circle of friends (mine pictured above). It’s more than just geeking out over some nerd stuff but it’s developing a deeper sense of trust, connection, and acceptance. Traveling, staying in a hotel, eating together, and waiting in line are all a time to cement your friendships. Finding nerd community is hard. For those who don’t have it know what I am talking about. For those that do, don’t be unappreciative. SDCC is not only meant to be experienced but it’s meant to be shared. So see this as a chance to build the community of your friends. This four days can do wonders for you and your relationships.

Well there you have it. If you are on the fence about tickets this weekend, I hope this tipped you over the edge. SDCC really is one of the most different experiences of the year. If you are ‘Con-curious’ you should give it a try. It might not be love at first sight but you won’t regret experiencing it. I am predicting a record-setting attendance and hype for this year’s Con. Come this summer, it will be the hottest ticket in town so get a ticket now before it’s impossible later (plus tix are fully refundable). Hope you make decision to join us and I look forward to meeting you at the Con!

Leave a comment if you have a great reason why someone should attend SDCC. Thanks!

14 thoughts on “Are you Con-curious? Why buy a ticket this Saturday…

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  2. Great article and the pictures are nice, Tony! It gets me all excited for SDCC 2011. This will be my first time attending. I hope to wear my Uhura costume and be amongst the Trekkers.

    • That is so awesome! Congrats and I am so excited for you. I have been a long time Trek fan and own my own unifrom too! Hope to meet you there. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

  3. Depending on where you’re coming from, it might not be cheap for everyone.

    I have a few coworkers coming this year after I talked about my trip to last years Con. I’m pretty excited! I’m even dressing up this year!

    • Yea, that’s true travel costs will obviously vary as will hotel costs. I just mean the event itself is relatively affordable.

      That’s so awesome that your coworkers are coming too. Going with ‘con-virgins’ makes it a better experience. Let me know what you dress us as. Thanks!

  4. Great article!

    Are there any Comic-Con related events or activities that you would recommend for couples? I’ve been the past two pretty much alone but making plans to bring a friend this year.

    • Yes, there are a ton of activities that go on after hours. I went to a CHUCK ‘tweet up’ which was at a bar down the street. It was filled with fans from the show and the cast made a surprise visit! Last year ‘Woot-stock’ was also a big deal. Once we get closer, events will start posting- Twitter is the best place to hear of whats happening. Thanks!

      • Wow! That sounds really cool! Never thought of any of the events outside of Comic-Con before, will have to venture out there for those after hours events. I’ll keep a look out for those postings. Thanks!

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