Comic Con Documentary Photo Book

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Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope   by  Morgan Spurlock
Release: June 20, 2011 ($24.99)
192 pages (Hardback) BRADY GAMES

Oscar-nominated filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, TV producer and cult hero Joss Whedon, comic book legend Stan Lee, online film guru Harry Knowles, and producer Thomas Tull are the brains behind Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope, the feature-length documentary film on the ever-growing influence Comic-Con has over comics, film, television, and pop culture as a whole.
This companion book offers an in-depth look at the experience of Comic-Con: what it is, what goes on, and how it became the quintessential center of American pop culture. With an insider’s view of panels, exhibitions, workshops, and celebrity encounters, as well as awards ceremonies and parties, this book provides a unique experience of attending one of the most important events in the entertainment industry as a whole. Including photos and interviews collected at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, and featuring celebrities such as Kevin Smith, Seth Green, Todd McFarlane, Guillermo del Toro, Ellen Page, Bryan Singer, Eli Roth, Kenneth Branagh, Seth Rogen, Matt Groening, Ron Perlman, Nathan Fillion, Gerard Way, and Frank Miller, this book is packed with timeless stories about the Comic-Con experience from the very people who love Comic-Con-and attend year after year. Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope is a must-have for anyone who is interested in the Comic-Con experience or pop culture.

Looks like the major retailers just posted this so there isn’t much info on it yet. The above excerpt was the most I could find, I think it is from the publisher Brady Games. Looks like they are releasing it just before SDCC 2011 as part of the hype. This would be a great book to take for autographs! I hope they are selling it there too. You can preorder at Amazon or Borders.

The studio was set up at the Marriott next to the convention center. At any given time during the week, you could see a collection of the ‘best of the best’ cosplayers getting their photos taken in hopes of being immortalized forever in this photo book. One of the funniest things was one of the assistants pulled me aside and asked “um, what is cosplay?”. He had been hearing the term all week while taking pics but was too embarrassed to ask. Pretty funny. Below are some of the pics from the studio:    

The biggest lighting array I have ever seen! These guys were not messing around.

It was great to meet @SuperMomRobyn, amazing costumes!

It was like I died and went to cosplay heaven!

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