Hallelujah, tickets will finally be on sale! It’s a miracle.

Comic Con announced yesterday that the third attempt to sell the 2011 SDCC tickets will be on Saturday, February 5th at 9 am (pst). This is the first time ever that the tickets are being offered starting on a weekend. Our guess is that they are not wanting more people to sacrifice another day from work or school if the system crashed for yet another time. I am also pleased that they returned the time to West Coast time where it belongs. The down side of both the Saturday date and mid morning time slot is that there will be a record number of people signing on- especially after such a long wait. With the demand up and the supply perception down, no doubt that this will be the largest registration attempt ever for Comic Con. The last attempt back in November ended up with over 800 requests a second resulting in almost 50,000 attempts in the first minute! Wow! My guess is this will far surpass that number to at least 75-100k. This is their plan:

TicketLeap is powered by Amazon web services, which provides TicketLeap with access to Amazon’s servers and network so they can bring the flexibility required to create a system that matches the needs of our event.  

So what are your predictions? And if it fails for yet a third time, will you cancel your trek to San Diego in July? Click here to go to their registration page.

3 thoughts on “Hallelujah!

  1. I think things will work out this time around… For some, it may seem like an eternity! It’s not entirely CCI’s fault. Registration is not done on their servers… At the same time, registration should be done in waves, not one large TIDAL WAVE of attendees. It would be the same as EVERYONE showing up at HALL H and trying to get in at the EXACT same time. Not possible. I hope this was a good learning experience for CCI. I’m still attending, are y’all?

    • Well I guess I don’t really fault them for the first time- that’s the price of success. But I do for the ppor communication. I think a little more updates on their website and Twitter account could have gone a long way. I don’t think people mind a little hassle but they just want to know someone is working on it. In today’s age of instant and easy communication, there is no reason why @Comic_Con doesn’t just drop us a line every other day.

      Yea, I will be there with the BabbleOn 5 crew. Looking forward to it! Hope to hang with ya there. Thanks for commenting!

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