Young Justice reviewed

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It’s been too long since Justice League Unlimited left the airwaves and doing so, leaving a big hole in our hearts. Since then, there has been a flurry of one shot movies, some super and some super-bad. It’s been great to have the JL movies like Final Frontier and Crisis on Two Earths, but I miss the consistency of a week-to-week series brings. When I heard they were launching a new series called ‘Young Justice’ I was skeptical. I was not a big fan of the Teen Titans series and the description sounded like another goofy, teen-angst romp that would bring nothing new to the genre. I was pleasantly surprised.

Young Justice is about the formation of all the well-known side-kicks into a covert team under the direction Batman. The A-team Justice League handles all the high-profile problems while Young Justice is sent out on ‘off the radar’ missions. The Young Justice team is being trained by Black Canary and their house-mother is the Red Tornado. The team is composed of some familiar characters like Robin, Kid Flash, and Aqua Lad but also introduces some new ones like Ms Martian. The new origins of Conner Kent (aka Super Boy) is very cool and his addition to the team give them the power house needed for its viability. Because of their limited abilities, they are forced to work together to come up with creative solutions. They are truly a team.

I was really struck by the maturity of this new series.  The dialogue is serious not silly, and the fun is appropriate not campy. The animation style is done well and not too exaggerated. Best of all the action is intense with plenty of ‘fist-to-jaw’ action and not watered down like a lot of kids series tend to be. In actuality, this is not a kids series but more targeted for teens and above.

"Robin, if you are going to be a hero, you have to learn how to pose like one"

While I prefer a full-fledged Justice League, at least some of the JL members like Superman and Wonder Woman make appearances . I know they won’t play much of a role but the cameos are appreciated. The Young Justice team struggle with issues of authority, rebellion, and finding their own identity. It should resonate with its teen viewers while entertaining the older ones too. I really enjoyed the first couple of episodes and look forward to where it will go. The best part is that if it ever gets too predictable or boring, they can always bring in classic JL characters to keep it fresh. This is definitely worth adding to the DVR record list.

Young Justice airs Friday nights and is replayed Sunday nights on the Cartoon Network.

One thought on “Young Justice reviewed

  1. You are right, it was a surprisingly mature take on a “kid” crew. We also liked the old Justice League show and its maturity, however we felt the payoff was more immediate. Young Justice spread out too little payoff and too much intrigue for 26 episodes.

    Still a good series.

    Here is our take on Season 1 with a lot of pics, and more humor than the show, if your are interested:

    PS – We thought Justice League: The New Frontier was awful. You can check out our take on it if you want.

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