What geeky guys need to know about geeky girls

Post from movie nerd site BabbleOn5.com

5 Things Geeky Guys Should Know About Geeky Girls

We are Rosalind, Dawn, and Gardella, and we are the girls over at Girls Are Geeks! We’re very excited to be hanging out with the guys here at BabbleOn 5 for a while to do some geek exchanges with a gender-interest slant. To get started, we thought it would be a good idea to help define Geek Girls and Geek Guys for each other. This is our Top Five things that Geek Guys should know about Geek Girls.

1. Geeky girls are still girls. Sure, we often like playing video games in sweats and a Penny Arcade t-shirt, that doesn’t mean we might not want to get dressed up and go out sometimes. Many of us also like girly things, with geeky twists. For example, feel free to buy a geek girl jewelry, but consider that a geek girl might not be too impressed with a heart necklace, unless it’s a Tetris heart.

2. But Geeky girls are still geeks. We are not just hanging out with geeks or doing things because our geek husband or boyfriend asked us too. We have our own geeky interests, and we are serious about them. We also tend to obsess over things that might not be classically geeky, such as cooking and Disney, but don’t doubt that geek girls are just as into gaming, scifi, and technology too!

3. Geeky girls are smart, especially about our geekdoms. We know our stuff as well as geek guys do, and we have no problem correcting your inaccurate quoting of Firefly or Doctor Who. You can’t bull#$%* a geek girl, so the best way to keep one on your side is to be honest and don’t act like you know more than you do!

4. Geeky girls are competitive, and we will kick your @**. We don’t mind correcting geek guys and we don’t mind destroying geek guys over Xbox Live, or in Munchkin, Tetris, or any other game that we play. However, letting a geek girl win is a sure way to piss her off, so play good and play fair, just be prepared to get the same thing in return!

5. Geeky girls are not stereotypes, nor can we really be generalized. The best thing to remember about any geek girl is to learn about her as a person. We can be scifi geeks, gaming geeks, science geeks, tech geeks, or any number of other geeks. Don’t make assumptions about geek girls and our interests: just because she loves Babylon 5, doesn’t mean that she has also memorized every episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Hopefully that helps you get to know what to expect from us geeky girls! We are excited to be working with the geek guys of BabbleOn 5. See you around!

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