TRON Legacy thanks Hall H!

For those of you that joined us in the TRON Legacy panel at Comic Con 10, we had the most amazing experience. The panel actually took time to capture audience noise for use in the final cut. The three words we chanted were; Rin-zler, Disc-wars, and De-rez. We also did some chanting, applauses, and feet stomping. I have never been apart of a panel that went to this much effort to include the audience. Thanks to Dark Stitch for capturing this image and helping to spread the gospel of Comic Con through the TRON universe!

2 thoughts on “TRON Legacy thanks Hall H!

  1. When I spotted this in the end credits, I thought that was SO very cool of them. I didn’t get to be in Hall H myself that afternoon because I was attending press sessions that day (including the one for TRON Legacy press!) but the important part is seeing them express appreciation for the fans.

    • It’s too bad you missed it, it was so awesome! It made it one of the most memorable experience in years. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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