TicketLeap explains what happened…

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Comic-Con test recap (from their website)

What happens when 51,658 people try to buy 1,000 Comic-Con tickets all at once?  TicketLeap’s system stumbled briefly but then recovered to fulfill all the orders successfully.  We had eight super powered servers on our Amazon service ready for you, but you brought your friends and your friends’ friends. In the first minute, 529 tickets were sold successfully. The people that came in afterward swamped the servers and caused a 502 “Bad Gateway” error message to appear. After two minutes, our system’s auto scaling kicked in and doubled the number of servers (Thanks Amazon!).  Eight minutes later (at 8:10 a.m. PST), the site was responding normally but the remaining tickets were still on hold. Any remaining tickets at that point were on hold status until our system released them at 8:30 a.m. PST, those tickets were released back into inventory and were sold without problems until all 1,000 tickets were sold out.

The takeaway? We underestimated the demand but we confirmed that the system can handle the demand with the right number of servers allocated. In more technical terms, there were over half a million page requests in the first hour, with nearly 844 page requests per second at the peak. The reason we did a test was to estimate the load so we’re ready for the full on-sale date. 

Thank you again for helping us with this test. We realize that only 1,000 tickets have left many people disappointed, but this valuable information will help us to have a more smooth running process when all tickets go on sale after the New Year.

Chris Stanchak
CEO & Founder

David Glanzer
Director, Marketing and Public Relations

Of course if they were really bold they would have posted their e-mail address 🙂

10 thoughts on “TicketLeap explains what happened…

  1. I got my ticket!
    I overslept and woke up 2 minutes late and found the 502 errors than the sold out news… but kept trying anyway and around 8:30 I got through! Waited a couple of hours and now just got the EPIC registration email and completed the SDCC registration.

    TicketLeap’s explanation makes me believe it will work next time, which makes me glad cause none of my friends got the tickets and even though I’m happy I got mine, I don’t want to go without them.

    Good on TicketLeap for a quick and satisfying explanation.

    • What I liked was that the CEO quickly explained what happened instead of an ambigious answer given by Comic Con Int’l. I think a thorough and thoughtful recap would have gone a long way. Glad your patience paid off with tix.

      Thanks for commenting and hope to meet you there!

      • I got my tickets today on the first round of re-released hold tickets, so I’m decently happy with the system, but even if I hadn’t gotten my tickets, I completely agree that Ticketleap made the right move in explaining the situation. Vague ‘we’re working to correct the situation’ notes and error messages leave a bad taste in people’s mouths after this many problems, but information at least gives people insight into why they’re having the problems they are.

        • Yea, with real numbers, a real explanation, and real names, I think SDCC fans can pretty much endure anything. It’s the lack of information that really drives everyone bananas. Over communication is always the safer route during stressful times. Congrats on having your tickets and I hope to meet you in San Diego. Thx for commenting.

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  3. I got my two in the last round of re-released tickets that were on hold (thank God, because I seriously was like “Is this how my first Comic-Con is gonna be defined? The thrice damned registration with pussyfooted answers as to why it isn’t working when it’s never had this problem before.”). I’m glad I got mine AND that ticket leap explained the situation because even if I hadn’t gotten mine, I would’ve been less freaked out knowing what was going on rather than being left in the dark. I think this will work well in the long run and I wish everyone who hasn’t gotten their tickets yet much luck. I know one of the first things I’ll be doing at SDCC ’11 is buying my SDCC ’12 badges. >_<

    • It’s amazing how far a little explaination goes.
      I am glad you are at least assured getting into your first Comic Con- congrats! I got mine at the last Comic Con but for the first time the 4 day with Preview Night was already sold out! It won’t be too long before most or all the tickets sell out at Comic Con. I hope your first Con is an amazing experience and hope to meet you there! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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