5 things wrong with Green Lantern

DC and Warner Brothers, I am trying to get on board with the new Green Lantern, really I am. I have dreamed of seeing the Emerald Warrior imposing his will power on-screen for decades now. Unfortunately, I am less than satisfied with what I have seen so far from early pics and the trailer. For me, it’s all starts with the suit. If the tights aren’t right then it’s an up hill battle. Here are the top five things that are wrong with the new Green Lantern suit.

  1. The CGI mask looks terrible. What’s going on around the nose area? It looks like he has a green bird beak! Is he and the Green Hornet sharing a mask? Even with the advancement in CGI, it still looks like the mask is floating and not really touching his face. The light eyes also looks weird. I know it’s an reference to the comic but his glare would look more menacing if his eyes were more of a dark green. White eyes work in comics but probably not in real life.
  2. I know they didn’t want to do the white gloves from the comics but the total green outfit is a bit much. He’s starting to look like Gumby! I think the white gloves would have created more contrast and would have made the ring stand out too. I know it could look cheesy too but his green spandex gloves aren’t doing it for me either.
  3. Is anyone getting this ribbed suit? It looks like his skin has been peeled off. I know it’s suppose to convey power is surging through his body but why couldn’t they have done a simple TRON type suit from the new movie? Those look powerful and at least the lights look realistic.
  4. I appreciate that Ryan Reynolds got yoked for this role but the skin-tight suit looks weird without a little bulk. It doesn’t look tough. If you look around his shoulders and arms, it just looks like he is naked. Honestly, it makes me a little cold just looking at him.
  5. What’s up with his feet? Is he wearing slippers? Boots please. Plus, in this shot it still doesn’t look like he is inhabiting the space. Bad shadowing and highlights.

Before I thought THOR would be the biggest concern. At this point I have serious doubts that Green Lantern is goin g to capture the cool factor for this new generation. The suit already looks dated and CGI does not look impressive. Warner Bros, you should have made it easier on yourself and just did a real suit like Disney’s TRON. GL better have an epic story, incredible character development, and stellar action because you are already behind the 8 ball with the suit. *sigh*

7 thoughts on “5 things wrong with Green Lantern

  1. Look at his arms and chest! It looks like they created a CGI prepubescent boy and stuck Ryan’s head on it. That’s not what GL looks like, this is what GL looks like:

    Powerful, muscular, unlike the movie. How could anyone fear Ryan Reynolds GL? What’s he gonna do, slap you?

    • I know it just looks wierd. Maybe they will improve it before this summer. Please let it not be this lame! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

    • I know. At what point does someone say, ‘hey time out, doesn’t this look horrible?’. Oh well. Thanks for visiting and commenting.

  2. The suit is the least of worries with this one. I worry it will be bad enough to sour studios on comicbook films. It looks that devastatingly bad. Just off the trailer, too much contrived posing, corny lines, and cheesy CGI like you say.

    It’s not THAT hard to do comicbook movies right. You just need passable (not even good) casting, a cool villain that’s bad ass, and it should be FUN. Look at the Ironman movies, the first two x-mens or Transformers. Fun, action, and not cheap looking visually. The plot or script doesn’teven have to be top quality. But Green Lantern….uh, I mean for god’s sake the supervillain is a MIDGET WITH GIANT HEAD. I mean you’ve got to b s***ing me.

    Magneto, Megatron, Joker….a midget wih a giant head.

    You mention Thor, I hope Loki is the villain of the movie rather than that giant robot. Right now Thor is looking borderline.

    I hope Captain America cansave the day with the comicbook films this year.

    • You are absolutely right. At this point, Green Hornet might be better than Green Lantern- ugh! Thor could go either way at least based on the trailer. I think Captain America has the biggest potential. I will keep my fingers crossed! Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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