TRON: Legacy prequel

Greetings program…
Every über nerd out there is eagerly awaiting the arrival of TRON: Legacy on Dec 17th. If you are 30 years old or younger, chances are you didn’t get a chance to watch TRON the first time around so many of you are having to catch up via DVD. In fact, I am having my own ‘Happy TRONukkah’ party to introduce the first movie to other interested nerds. While we wait, Disney released a prequel graphic novel called “TRON: Betrayal” that bridges the gap between the first movie and the sequel. It starts with a recap of the first movie- which a friend of mine (Jeff Matsuda) did the illustrations for. It then follows the events right after the original TRON as Flynn tries to juggle both leading the ENCOM Corporation and building the cyber world he created. It also introduces the birth of his physical son and his virtual son Clu. It explains a lot about Flynn’s personal life and the building political tensions in the computer world. This is a must read for any TRON fan and for anyone who is wanting to know what happened in between both movies. Check it out and see on Dec 17th!

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