Austin Comic Con 2010

Whitney Sanderlin, a good friend of mine, had a chance to attend the Austin Comic Con this past weekend. Her first ‘Con’ experience was as a ‘pro’ since her husband was selling his new book. Check out her perspective as a Comic Con virgin. Thanks Whitney!

Austin, Texas: November 12 – 14

First let me say that I attended the Austin Comic Con, not as a spectator, but as a seller of wares.  I say that because I have a habit of disclaiming my reviews and I wanted to be consistent.  Also, it might matter to you readers that are using this site as a source of information and I’m all about telling the truth!

My husband and I were there selling his book and we stayed all day each of the three days.  We got to see a lot (!!) of costumes which makes me smile most of the time.  Sometimes it makes me roll my eyes but that’s only because I fundamentally disagree with near nudity when it serves no other purpose but to garner attention.  But I digress …

The focus of this con was 70’s t.v. shows … well, that and “Ghostbusters.”  Also, the cast from “The Human Centipede” which … I don’t even know.  Some of the stars on hand were Lou Ferrigno, Lindsay Wagner, and Lee Majors.  Most of them stuck around all 3-days as well which speaks well of their stamina, methinks. I was able to see several of the stars on my trips to food and bathroom breaks (TMI?) but I did get to see some awesome costumes. For instance …

Wizard World did a great job of organization and taking care of their customers … both the ones in the booths and the ones buying tickets.  Volunteers made sure that everyone had questions answered and thirsts quenched (free water for the sellers).  It matters that they cared about the seller comfort as well as the buyer.  One would hope that convention companies understand  who their customers are at all cons, in all cities, but I have not had that experience with other companies/organizations other than Wizard World so far.  A lot of times, and I’m sure this applies to both buyers and sellers, it’s a fend for yourself.  You’re supposed to know the unwritten rules and live by them and you don’t get ANY free water.  Not ever.  

I wish there was a “go to this city or this con if you like this stuff” type of website but so far I haven’t found it.  There are several composite websites such as this one.  But no inside scoops that I can find.  Maybe they’re on a blog somewhere.  Maybe I’ll write that blog entry someday.  

Before I sign off, let me tell you why I love nerds/geeks:  

  1. Incredibly enthusiastic about stuff they like
  2. Friendly, if socially inept, and ready to help
  3. The costumes
  4. Secret languages, like gigabytes and Magic card games (what??!!)
  5. Intelligent conversation
  6. Lord of the Rings
  7. I finally found people as weird as me.  I found my peeps!

I give the convention 4 out of 5 Crazies.  I hated the way the artist alley rows were set up but that’s the only thing I hated about this wknd.


Go to the Austin Comic Con homepage

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