Registration opens Nov 22nd

Looks like waiting for 2011 SDCC tickets is turning into a Hall H experience- waiting, waiting, and waiting. The Comic Con website posted this morning that registration opens up again on Nov 22nd at 6 AM! Apparently, they are hoping to have a less congested registration from West coast fans by starting it early. Based on the picture above of overnight crowds for Hall H, that is not likely. Comic Con fans are notorious for waiting in line, staying up all night, or getting up before the crack of dawn in order to fuel their fandom. You can call us ‘line professionals’ after years of waiting in line for Batman tickets or for the new Mac Book. This will not deter us. SDCC, we are coming- rain or shine, rich or poor, war or peace, early or late, we will be there.

Now that tickets are delayed for a couple of more weeks, it will only give more people a chance to prepare. So get ready for a long morning on the 22nd- but you know in July it will be so worth it.

2 thoughts on “Registration opens Nov 22nd

  1. I’m on the East Cost so the time different doesn’t affect me at all really. If anything I like it because I’m not sitting around waiting until Noon. I do feel bad for people on the West Coast and lets not forget throughout the world, who will be getting up early on the 22nd.

    • What?! The center of the world is NOT San Diego, CA??? I guess if this is what has to happen to ensure a successful registration then it is worth it. But imagine the uproar if a million nerds get up at 5:30 AM the site still crashes. There may be a riot! As always, thanks for being a fan and for commenting!

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