SDCC ticket information Nov 8th

Nov 1st: By 10:45 Pacific, the San Diego Comic Con website posted this:

Please check back on the 8th of November for information on the new registration date.

We are really sorry for the problems with registration today. We do not know what the technical issues are, so we have temporarily closed registration.

We will announce on Monday November 8th the new date and time that registration will reopen. This down time will allow us to determine and address the issues.

Only a handful of badges were actually sold today.

Thank you for your patience, and again, we all are truly sorry for this inconvenience.

Due to overwhelming rush for SDCC tickets, the registration site imploded into red mist leaving 100K+ left in more bewilderment than after Matrix Revolution. Two years ago, ticket sales took a few months to sell out. Last year, tickets sold out within a few weeks. Today, the registration site collapsed. Now with the delayed sale (and more hype), it’s possible that tickets will sell out within a few hours.

It’s as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced…
-Obi Wan Kenobi

For clarity, it says more information will be posted on Nov 8th, which probably means sales won’t be on that day but later. Hopefully they will post something sooner to help us prepare. Looks like we will have to wait another week to see how this ends. In the meantime check back here for more updates too. May the force be with you.

My theory is Stephen Stucker of AIRPLANE is the one to blame:

2 thoughts on “SDCC ticket information Nov 8th

    • Yea, they said they ‘don’t know what happened’ but I think it was clear that their servers couldn’t handle the traffic. They should have anticipated this would happened.

      Thanks for commenting.

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