My Long Beach Comic Con 2010 pics

It was my return to the second annual Long Beach Comic Con (Oct 29-31). I wasn’t able to go to any of the panels this year so my comments will focus mainly on the showroom floor.

Pros: I like the Convention Center. It’s modest but a nice building that is easy to navigate. It’s also right across the street from a restaurant dense shopping center. There wasn’t much outside the building but there was a nice fleet of geek cars like KITT from Knight Rider. The showroom floor is mainly a big Artist Alley. If you want to connect with emerging artist or get a signed Comic Book, then this is the place to be. 

Cons: Not sure how many attended this year (6,300 in 2009) but it was pretty sparse. It never felt like it was ‘full’ so the energy level was low. While Artist Alley was impressive, the displays were not. There were a few toy dealers but not much else to look at. Overall, a pretty bland experience. The Anaheim Comic Con, while the same size had a huge ‘b-list’ autograph section. This Con had a very little ‘wow’ factor. I went on Halloween, so I thought EVERY ONE would be dressed up but it was pretty conservative.

From its inaugural year, the Long Beach Comic Con has not evolved very much. For $25 a ticket, it seems a little steep for what you get. I hope it takes a bigger leap for next year. The force was not strong with this one. 

Starting the nerds young! (my son on the right :))

2 thoughts on “My Long Beach Comic Con 2010 pics

  1. Hey! Thanks so much for putting up your shots from Halloween – I’m the Harley! 🙂

    And totally agree with you about it being sparse and the price being steep. here’s hoping it’ll be better next year.

    • It has potential but just needs more significant elements to compete with it’s bigger sister Cons. But I am always glad to see more and more Cons emerging in our Community. Yes, lets hope for a better next year. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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