Comic Con stays in San Diego!

Well the party continues…

From the FOX 5 San Diego website:

SAN DIEGO – Comic-Con International will continue to call San Diego home for five more years, according to officials Thursday.

The San Diego Convention Center (SDCC) confirmed Thursday that the largest comic convention in the world has decided to stay in San Diego until 2015.

Multiple cities submitted proposals in an effort to change the location of Comic-Con due to the attendance limit at the SDCC. The center has had to cap attendance since 2007 to around 125,000 people. Both Los Angeles and Anaheim offered larger facilities.

Comic-Con started in 1970 at the U.S. Grant Hotel with 300 guests. It has since grown into one of the premier popular culture events, featuring hundreds of exhibits, celebrity appearances, Hollywood film premiers and industry panels.

“The streets are crazy, it’s packed with nerds. We love them,” said Gaslamp employee Stephanie Capps.

A recent report found that Comic-Con brings almost $163 million annually to San Diego’s economy.

“We do more business in the four days of Comic-Con, than we do in the whole month of December and January,” said Katie Fixsen Tin Fish restaurant manager.

In an effort to keep the show in San Diego, officials offered to use $500,000 in hotel taxes to pay for Comic-Con shuttle service around downtown. Plans are also under way to expand the San Diego Convention Center so that it can better accommodate large conventions like Comic-Con.

Officials have scheduled an official announcement for Friday morning at the SDCC.

2 thoughts on “Comic Con stays in San Diego!

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  2. It sounds like it is only a short term solution. If they really want to stay in San Diego, they must do more for the hotel bookings and the ever tightening space of the convention center.

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