Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope

Director Morgan Spurlock (Super Size Me) Tweeted this image from San Diego just a few hours ago. His newest project, Episode Four: A Fan’s Hope, will chronical the lives of several uber fans of Comic Con. The film crews will be running around all week long so keep you eye out for them. If you are lucky, you might be able to get some screen time and share your love for the popular arts!

Spurlock’s first tweet: “Filming started today … You can cut the excitement in San Diego with a light saber!”

Spurlock later Tweeted: “In the thick of the doc war room: me, producer Matthew Galkin and Elyse Sara. So calm here – 4 now”

Another Tweet by Spurlock: “Producer Matt Galkin making his “dreamy” face – I’ll be representing the WV today”

You can read more about the documentary here.

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