Twitter’s favorite memories from Comic Con 09

Whether it’s accidently meeting a certain celeb, finding that rare treasure, or getting into the ‘big’ panel, we all have our special memories from past Comic Cons. I asked Twitter friends of ‘Crazy4Comic Con’ to let me know of their favorite memories of Comic Con 09 within 140 characters. I got some great Tweets- special thanks to the fans for contributing:

“Being one of the last 6,000 people in the US to see Miyazaki last year in Hall H, from 7 rows back, was once in a lifetime.”

“Right now? It’s the point where we got confirmation of our 4 day passes! It’s our first time!”

“Eliza Dushku yelling at me for 5 minutes after asking for a autograph as she left the con. I still laugh about it.”

“1st time ever going after hearing about it for years”

“Getting a hug from Scott Adsit of 30 Rock, twice!”

“Wandering through wonderland in the super-secret Alice in Wonderland exhibit! I still have my antique key :)”

“Galactica panel in 08 before the last season aired. It was hosted by Kevin Smith and the crowd gave them a standing ovation chanting ‘So say we all!’

“Deciding to get in line for Jonah Hex signing just to get a poster. At that point only Fassbender was listed. Then Megan Fox and Josh Brolin pop up on the big screen.

“Tracking down Flynn’s Arcade in my pj’s!”

“Seeing the Tron Lite Cycle surprise reveal at Flynn’s Arcade. Epic”

“Going with our group of best friends”

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