Green Lantern confirmed

The cast and crew for Martin Campbell’s Green Lantern movie have been busy filming in New Orleans, Louisiana, for several months. Since production began, we’ve had our fair share of official, and unofficial, information about the project. Everything from set photos to concept art to detailed scene descriptions have been consistently hitting the net. Just this month we had a look at promotional artwork for the film that was used at the recent Licensing International Expo.

None of these tidbits of information, though, have been as talked about as what Warner Bros has in store for fans at this year’s Comic Con. In past years, Comic Con has been known to help make or break a film of Green Lantern‘s magnitude; to the point that no studio will ignore the impact a showcase of their latest film slate can have. Fans have expected a Green Lantern presentation at this year’s Con for some time now, but Warner Bros has only today officially announced that a dedicated panel for the film is on their docket.

DC Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer, Geoff Johns will be on hand this year to promote Green Lantern, and even recognized the anticipation he understands that fans feel for these projects, “I always appreciated the fact that an effort was made to show something to the people who really love it.”

With Marvel Studios ready to showcase THOR and Captain America and announce information for The Avengers (as well as their smaller properties) at Comic Con, Warner Bros has to be ready to drawn attention to Green Lantern, which is not as generally recognizable a character. From what I heard several months ago, they will undoubtedly put on a brilliant display. Teaser posters, official production images and film footage are just some of the goodies fans will feast their own on in only a few short weeks. Fans of the Green Lantern mythology will be very happy to see a scene pulled straight from the comics pages; one that involves a certain dying alien bestowing a powerful weapon to his worthy successor.

Warner Bros and Marvel Studios won’t be the only companies bring hot properties to the Con, Disney is planning a massive TRON: Legacy panel, while Sony is prepping Green Hornet and Battle: Los Angeles for their official audience debuts.

No matter which films you are most excited to see, you won’t want to miss the coverage of this year’s Comic Con; which appears to be the most comic book movie heavy in history.

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